Buying Your Perfect Caravan 2023

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Get the 2023 ultimate guide to Buying Your Perfect Caravan

The brand-new 2023 guide to Buying Your Perfect Caravan is packed with everything you need to help you with choosing, buying, owning and enjoying a caravan.

With over 90 pages, what's not to love?
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What's included in the 2023 edition...

Caravan layouts

Choosing the right layout is the most important decision you will make when buying a caravan. Our layout guide will help you to choose wisely.

Used or new? The pros and cons

There is far more to this decision than just how much money you want to spend. Warranties and depreciation are just two factors, but there are many more.

Understanding caravans

Take our guided tour of the exterior and interior of a typical caravan. You'll soon know your caravans like an expert, both inside and out.

Essential 2023 accessories

Don't forget to budget for the essential kit you'll need to enjoy your caravan safely, securely and legally. Our experts give you the round-up of essential kit.

Your 2023 insurance guide

Insuring your caravan can be a minefield. This guide will help you find the right insurance policy, giving you peace of mind knowing that your caravan is sufficiently protected. Don't get caught out! Read our guide.

Plus lots, lots more...

Over 90 pages of expert caravan advice, top caravanning tips, caravan buying guides, award-winning new models for 2023, plus everything you need to know to start enjoying caravan life to the full. Don't buy a caravan without it.

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