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Thieves target everything from entire caravans to personal possessions, such as technology or jewellery contained inside. Even appliances and caravan accessories are a magnet to thieves.

Decent caravan security is proven to be a massive deterrent to thieves and vandals, and, because of this, insurance companies will discount your insurance premiums if you have the right security in place. Find out how to get the best deal on insurance, here.


Deterring caravan thieves

Different security devices are more appropriate in different situations. We list the main types and suggest when you need to use them.


Caravan wheel clamps

Sold Secure Gold or Diamond Standard wheel clamps are effective against all but the most determined thieves. The extra-heavyweight, Home Office-approved clamps are double the price and too heavy for touring.


Caravan hitch locks

A good first line of defence, especially when combined with a jockey wheel lock. Useful if leaving the outfit for a short time is unavoidable, but must be removed before driving off.


Caravan security posts and ground anchors

Security posts have been known to be ripped out, but these two items together can be extremely effective, especially if the anchor point is in a position that makes it difficult to attack.


Caravan deadlocks

Deadlocks won’t prevent entry via a window, but make it harder for the thief to get out as well as in. Useful on campsites, where a thief would be quickly noticed. Harrison deadlocks is a widely recommended supplier and fitter.


Caravan security box

If you really must leave valuables inside a caravan, a properly installed security box is essential. Ex-army ammunition boxes are popular, but merely act as carrying cases unless expertly fitted.


Caravan Skytags

This is a coded letter and number combination that is applied to the roof of your caravan and can be seen by police helicopters and high-level security cameras. Only a £30 one-off payment is required and the vinyl characters are very difficult to remove. Useful for recovery only.


Caravan secure storage

Use a site that has been awarded Gold status by the Caravan Storage Site Owners’ Association (CaSSoA). Thefts are not unknown but are rare.


Caravan tracking devices

Caravan dealers regard this as the greatest deterrent, but opinion is divided over whether or not you should advertise that they are fitted. Many new caravans have them as standard fittings anyway.



Definitely a deterrent but is usually only useful after the event. Needs to be left on during the day time, to pick up anyone seen ‘casing the joint’.

• Remember the difference these products will make when it comes to buying caravan insurance, too. Always tell your insurer of any changes to your security and storage situation.




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