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Men’s Firebrand II Waterproof Shoes - Great shoes for caravanners


Deciding on what footwear to take on your caravan holiday depends on several factors. What's the weather going to be? How well drained is the campsite (maybe)? What do we plan to do on holiday? The are many options.

Doubtless, you will be on your feet, walking through the campsite in whatever the weather. You might even walk through the countryside with your family, friends and pets. You could take several types of footwear: wellies, flip-flops, sandals, trainers, walking boots, decks shoes, high heels for the pub — take your pick!

What a palaver though.

Only take two pairs of shoes on holiday

Here's a radical thought: Simplify your life by taking only two pairs of shoes.

First, take a pair of OOFOS recovery shoes (reviewed here) for your 'open-toed needs'. They are amazing.

Then, buy yourself a pair of Oboz Firebrand II Low Waterproof Shoes for your other walking needs.


Rugged comfort

Oboz Firebrand II Low waterproof shoes

First, the Oboz Firebrand II shoes are waterproof and breathable. You can walk through the dew-covered grass to the shower block or shop without worrying about getting your socks wet. With their breathability, you don't get the clamminess you have with other waterproof shoes made from inferior materials.

Next, the Oboz Firebrand II shoes are, despite their rugged look so comfortable. Your feet are snug and secure in them. The shoes wrap around your feet without the rigidity you get with some other new walking shoes or boots.

The insoles are gentle on your feet, yet supportive too, which means you can walk all day without the usual sense of gradual, increasing soreness you get with lesser makes of walking shoes.

And, for ruggedness, Oboz make these walking shoes from materials which will take a hammering and stand up to the test. How do we know? Our digital editor walked 14 miles over the Yorkshire Dales over rocks, through moorland and along tracks (Buckden — Buckden Pike — Great Whernside, Kettlewell, Buckden) without a hitch or a blister in sight.

Get a grip!

The soles of Firebrand II shoes grip well over all the surfaces we've tried them on, including icy tarmac, wet rocks, soggy moorland, slippy tracks and muddy paths. They don't clog up easily either because of the design. And, the rubberised toe caps save your tootsies from being bashed about as you scrape them over rocks or styles.

You'd think all that tough, ruggedness comes at a price, right? I.e. they must weigh a ton. Nope. The Oboz Firebrand II walking shoes are light. That lightness means you benefit on long walks from not expending unnecessary energy on lugging them around on your feet all day.

Only two pairs of shoes?

Oboz Firebrand II shoes Derbyshire

Given how comfortable, tough and waterproof they are, then you can see why the Oboz Firebrand II walking shoes make a good choice for a multi-purpose pair of shoes to take away with you on your caravan holiday.

The Oboz Firebrand II shoes are good for the campsite as much as they are good for the hillside. Their toughness means they should last you a long time, too, so you will get good value from your investment in a great pair of walking shoes.

And, don't forget to bring your 'recovery shoes' for when you get back from your adventures in the day. Your feet will thank you for looking after them.

Oboz Firebrand II walking shoes RRP £120

Available from:
eBay — £109.99
Amazon — £107.99
To find other Oboz footwear stockists visit www.obozfootwear.com or call Sprayway on 0161 366 5020

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