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OOFOS Recovery Shoes — More than just flip-flops


Flip-flops (or thongs, if you're an Aussie) are just flip-flops, right?

They are just something you wear in the summer at the beach, or in the garden when it's too hot to wear anything else on your feet and you're not at work. Flip flops can be cool to look at and cool to wear. But, that's it. You can't walk that far in flip-flops. And they can be uncomfortable when sand, dirt or water get on and in them.

But, not all flip-flops are the same.

Recovery Shoes

OOFOS sent us a pair of their Recovery Shoes to try. 'Recovery Shoes?,' you ask. Yes, these OOFOS shoes are not flip-flops. Oh, no.

You wear OOFOS Recovery Shoes after a long walk and you want to give your feet a break after pounding them all day in your walking boots. Wear them after a run when you need to relax and get your back your feet back to normal after all that 'tarmac bashing'.

The OOFOS Recovery Shoes feel like you are walking on air. No flip-flops have ever felt as comfortable as these shoes from OOFOS. Your feet sink into them as you walk, and they feel like they are massaging your sore, neglected feet.

Secure support

OOOFS recovery shoes

The design supports your instep, unlike most 'flip-flops' on the market. The strap goes over your foot and between your big and first toe, as normal. The shoes contain your feet so you don't slide out of them when they're wet.

The overwhelming feeling is your feet are secure in one place. With mere flip-flops, you won't find yourself walking around because of the innate unstable design. OOFOS Recovery Shoes stay on your feet so you can walk normally.

What are they like?

Our digital editor, Will Hawkins, wore a pair of OOFOS OOriginal Sport Shoes after an 11-hour walk over the Yorkshire Dales. His feet had taken a pasting over the Three Peaks Challenge.

"I was sceptical about the effectiveness of wearing the OOFOS Recovery Shoes after the walk. But, they were brilliant. They are light, unbelievably comfortable and you can walk around in them with ease, unlike regular flip-flops."

If you do a lot of walking, running or exercise, treat yourself with a pair of OOFOS Recovery Shoes. They have a premium price, but they will help you relax after your exertions and allow your feet to get back to normal quickly. They are wonderfully comfortable, well-made and you won't want to go back to cheap, badly made and uncomfortable flip-flops.

Men's Ooriginal Sport Graphite - RRP £48
Other models available from Blacks from £40
Or Amazon from £35.45

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