MMM - May 2020 issue

MMM - May 2020 issue ...

On Sale: 31 Mar 2020

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Welcome to this packed 2020 May issue of MMM!


● Get your cameras ready and head to the Cotswolds to explore three wildlife spots
● For all those History buffs Roman Chichester is a perfect place to see a variety of sights with its gorgeous landscapes and museums.
● Looking to Explore Scotland, find out the Top 10 sites to stay on

● Read reviews of two luxury A-classes that are very different – an island bed Carthago E-line and a rear lounge Le Voyageur
● Look at a new Bilbo’s end kitchen campervan on the VW T6.1
● A single bed/end washroom Elddis that gets dealer special treatment
● An owner reviews his fi­rst motorhome, an end kitchen Auto-Trail Imala

Understanding weights and payloads and what you can do if your motorhome is overloaded
● Try out the simple DIY jobs that include improving the internet in your motorhome and adapting a trailer with a second door
● Readers’ technical questions answered, from gas to electrics

● Look at six great deals on new and used motorhomes with savings of over £10k
● Why not try before you buy: why motorhome hire is not just for newcomers
● Looking for a motorhome or campervan with a palatial washroom? Read our useful second-hand guide this month
Plus, accessory reviews, readers’ letters, classic motorhomes and more!

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