MMM - February 2022 issue

MMM - February 2022 issue ...

On Sale: 06 Jan 2022

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Packed into the February 2022 issue of MMM:


  • Scotland - take a road trip to discover magnificent scenery with only a hint of a plan
  • Germany - revisiting old haunts in the Harz Mountains where east used to meet west
  • Wales - delve into the heart of the ‘land of song’ in Powys
  • England - uncover our country’s ancient and mysterious past on a tour from Cornwall to Norfolk
  • Weekend travel - expand your knowledge with a short break to Cambridge
  • Sites for exploring the four most southwesterly counties of the UK: Cornwall, Devon, Dorset and Somerset
  • Your site reviews - readers review the campsites they have stayed at across the UK and in Europe


  • Chausson S514 - budget and compact, this French motorhome is based on a Ford
  • Pilote P696U - a rear lounge low-profile that also has a very spacious washroom
  • My motorhome - a first foray into motorhomes developed into a loving long-term relationship


  • Tech help - solutions to common and not-so-common motorhoming problems, including electrics and engines
  • My project - fitting daytime running lights to an older motorhome
  • My project - adding a second shower curtain to protect a washroom window
  • My project - adding a pivot mechanism to a fixed table to improve cab access
  • Tech advice - everything you need to know about towbars and towing


  • Buying advice - we explain all the routes for selling a motorhome
  • Vintage ’vans - information on the E10 petrol changes and how it impacts on older ’vans
  • Accessories - gifts and gadgets for motorhomers


  • Letters - readers’ stories and tips, including scooters, carrying too much stuff and more
  • Favourite photos - Scotland is the focus for this month’s collage of readers’ pictures
  • Motor muse - stop apologising for being a baby boomer
  • Our month - what the MMM team’s been up to recently
  • News - what’s happening in the world of motorhomes
  • Shows - a new season of outdoor shows is about to start – here’s what you need to know
  • Motorhome mishaps - when the brakes start to grind
  • My travels - following in family footsteps in the Forest of Dean
  • My view - ferry frustrations are a cross we have to bear


  • Win a great bundle of outdoor clothing from British firm, EDZ
  • Puzzles - try to solve our monthly brainteasers

And much more!