MMM - April 2023 issue

MMM - April 2023 issue ...

On Sale: 02 Mar 2023

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Packed into the April 2023 issue of MMM:


  • WALES - Join our writer on a wonderful tour to explore the drama and beauty of the countryside in central Wales
  • SCOTLAND - Join us on a heart-warming journey through our writer’s ancestral homeland
  • SPAIN - Come on an epic Iberian adventure that takes in the best of north, centre and south of this wonderful country 
  • ITALY - Drink in the scenery on this delightful campervan tour around the amazing island of Sicily
  • WEEKEND TRAVEL - Enjoy a couple of days lost in the dramatic Lake District
  • SITES - Find the perfect pitch for family getaways with the children
  • YOUR CAMPSITE REVIEWS - Readers rate the sites they have stayed at recently


  • WHO IS MALIBU - This German brand offers British buyers a comprehensive range of campervans and coachbuilts
  • ADRIA SUPERSONIC 780 SL - A new flagship Mercedes-Benz-based A-class that has everything included in its £157k price
  • WILDAX ALTAIR -  This all-new top-of-the-range campervan, which is based on the MAN chassis, really impresses
  • MY MOTORHOME - This owner says his Benimar Tessoro ticks all the boxes


  • TECH HELP - MMM’s panel of experts answer readers’ motorhoming queries and questions
  • MY PROJECT - Adding air suspension solves how to carry heavier electric bikes
  • MY PROJECT - This easy twin-lens reversing camera upgrade gives a massively improved picture quality
  • TECH OPINION - Andy Stothert considers the conundrum of using toilet fluids in your motorhome’s WC


  • BUYING ADVICE - The top 10 tips to follow if you’re on the hunt for a new ’van
  • VINTAGE ’VANS - Discover how important the Rootes Commer van was in its day
  • ACCESSORIES - Handy gadgets and kit to make your motorhome life that bit easier


  • LETTERS - Readers’ tales, tips and adventures from their life on the road
  • FAVOURITE PHOTOS - Nothing is more inspiring than seeing wonderful pictures from other motorhomers’ tours
  • MOTOR MUSE - Our political analyst looks into his crystal ball to predict whether he will end up on Blackpool’s beach this year
  • OUR MONTH - A snapshot of what the MMM team has been up to
  • NEWS - A new annual to help motorhome buyers, the future of electric campervans edges ever closer, go location spotting in Scotland and read about the final Peterborough show
  • MOTORHOME MISHAPS - A wonderful welder comes to the rescue of a ’van in trouble
  • MY TRAVELS - Barriers should not stop you!
  • MY VIEW - Has the staycation boom been a positive or not?


  • PUZZLES - Solve these two monthly brainteasers to be in with a chance to win cash!

And much more!