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Park review: Enchanting Saltburn


A charming Victorian resort, a long stretch of beach and an ancient fishing village – all just a 10-minute walk from a park home estate where a new development is taking place

On the east coast lies the enchanting little resort of Saltburn-by-the-Sea, a place with a fascinating twist: there are in fact two Saltburns. One is at the clifftop; the other is 120 feet below.

Tingdene Parks’ Hazelgrove Residential Park is close to this charming and amazing place with much to offer.

The park

Tingdene Parks’ Hazelgrove Residential Park

The park is just a 10-minute walk down to the beach and a short walk to the town. And there is an active community in the park, so there’s always a lot going on.

There are 12 plots available, in a range of sizes, offering plenty of options for all tastes and budgets.

The residents

Residents have come from all over the country to live at Hazelgrove. Many have family close by, so they have moved to this area to be near their grandchildren. Others have moved to be near friends already in the park.

And some residents are people who have holidayed in Saltburn, love the area and have now chosen to make it a permanent holiday! Many of the residents say living here is like being on holiday all year round.

Saltburn-by-the Sea…

… or should we say ‘Saltburns’, for there are two.

Saltburn-by-the Sea

One, the ancient fishing village, sits beneath cliffs. Evidence of a settlement here goes back to Neolithic times. In the eighteenth century the hamlet of Saltburn comprised two pubs and a row of fishermen’s cottages. Smuggling was an accepted way of life at Saltburn and The Ship Inn –which dates to the 1500s and still exists – was the centre of this activity.

Perched on a cliff high above the old fishing village sits the resort of Saltburn. Linking the two is the oldest working water-balanced cliff tramway in Britain. The tramway’s two cars have water tanks.

They fill the tank of the car at the top until it reaches a level that sends the car down the incline under gravity. When the car reaches the bottom, they pump the water back to the top, and the process begins again.

Saltburn has a mile of sandy beach and spectacular cliffs. They created the resort in Victorian times and it keeps the charm and character of that era, complete with Italian-style gardens. The cliff tramway takes you directly to Saltburn’s pier – it’s 150 years old and 600 feet long – the only Victorian pier surviving on the northeast coast.

Just down the valley from Saltburn’s Italian gardens is the Saltburn Valley Gardens Woodland Centre, an ancient woodland in a steep-sided gorge, perfect for walks.

The name Saltburn comes from the Saxon name for the local stream, Sealt-Burna, or salty stream.

The area

Saltburn is 12 miles south of Hartlepool and 20 miles from Whitby. There’s plenty to explore inland – Saltburn sits between the coastline known as the Heritage Coast of Cleveland and the North York Moors National Park.

The Moors National Park Centre, on the bank of the River Esk, is the place to discover what the North York Moors offers; its history and its habitats, in a new centre opened in the summer of 2019. And this is an official Dark Sky Discovery Site; it’s one of three on the North York Moors.


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