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Buying a park home: Dream kitchens and lots of options


A high-quality bungalow home, in a rural location, beautifully furnished and with the most modern appliances on the market… And maybe some interesting eco options, too. What are you waiting for?

The park lifestyle is an enticing one – full of advantages. One-level living and an easy-to-maintain garden. Park homes have brilliantly-designed kitchens and luxurious bathrooms – two more elements that might well entice you to buy. There are some less obvious attractions, too.

Gorgeous kitchens

All park home kitchens have large fridge-freezers. Some have range cookers. Some have wine cookers. Some even have built-in coffee machines. Dream kitchen style is a given. And because, for most people, the kitchen is the hub of the home, it’s an important place to start thinking about in terms of inspiration to move to a new home.

Prestige Homeseeker lounge

Beautiful bathrooms

And there’s more. The best in bathrooms… Many park homes have the most amazing freestanding baths. Almost all have large, ladder-style towel warmers; they don’t only make sure you can wrap yourself in a warm towel when you step out of the shower, they look terrific, too.

Bespoke homes

Of course park homes come fully furnished and fully equipped, a big benefit of going for a park home over a conventional house. But don’t imagine you are stuck with the colours and the other choices made by the interior designers, though they are all excellent.

Prestige Homeseeker has an entire room packed with hundreds of options on everything from floor coverings to fabrics and more.

Tingdene, for example, offers design options for each of its ranges. The Tingdene Visitor Centre houses an interior and exterior design area.

Many manufacturers offer opportunities to bespoke your home. Among them are Country Homes, which can design and build your home to your own specifications.

More benefits of a park home… smaller bills!

Today’s park home construction standards are high, meaning that your heating bills are much lower than the cost of heating a brick-built house.

Interestingly, most park home manufacturers build to insulation standards which are in excess of normal building regulations. And at least one manufacturer offers buyers an option to go for a package to take already-high insulation and eco elements to an enhanced level.

Intelligent heating and rain harvesting

Omar Park and Leisure Homes offers eco options. These include an intelligent heating control, which works via a load-compensating thermostat that enables the boiler to match its output to the heat requirement of the home.

Other options are solar photovoltaic panels, doors and windows of enhanced energy-saving specification and even water-saving dishwashers. If you specify an integrated dishwasher in your home, you can upgrade this to a model which uses less energy and water than a standard model.

Omar goes a stage further, by offering a ‘rainwater harvesting’ option. It enables you to use rainwater to flush toilets, and for garden watering and car washing.

The package of options even goes into the realms of biomass, with a pellet burner which uses trees or crops which absorb carbon dioxide while growing, cancelling out those produced by combustion.

Omar’s Technical Director, Lee Pearce, explains the solar option:

“Solar photovoltaic panels, or Solar PV for short, are a rapidly developing technology where daylight is converted into electrical energy to power for your home. Solar panels use energy from the sun to generate electricity which can operate electrical appliances.”

“Solar photovoltaic modules create and store electricity through using rechargeable modules from the sun’s energy. Solar PV needs daylight; it doesn’t have to be direct sunlight, and it is therefore possible to create electricity even on cloudy days.”

So, if you’re passionate about all things eco, you can be sure the park home industry is on the case, too. It’s just one more reason to consider a park home for your next move.

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