Buy & Sell Frequently Asked Questions



To help answer some of the more common queries we receive, we've compiled a list of FAQs that may save you the need to contact us:



1) Which magazines will my advert appear in?

Depending on what you are advertising your advert will go into the following –

Motorhome, Dismountable, 5th Wheel & Accessories - Your advert will appear in 2 magazines, MMM and Which Motorhome plus online on Out & About Live.

Caravans – Your advert will appear in 2 magazines, Caravan magazine and Caravan Buyer plus online on Out & About Live.

Tent, Trailer Tent & Accessories - online only

Park & Holiday Homes
– Park & Holiday Homes online only

2) When will my advert appear on the website?

Everyone will be able to view your advert on-line as soon as it has been approved by a member of our team - usually within 24 hours except at weekends.

3) What are the deadlines for submitting my advert?

When you select 'Place an advert', the type of item and number of issues this information appears, please note that these deadlines do change so may be different if you check one day and return another day to place your advert.

4) I am having problems uploading my pictures?

If you are having problems with a particular file please check first that it is under 1MB in size and either a JPG, Jpeg, TIFF or GIF file format.  If the problem persists click the 'no photo' option complete the rest of your advert, payment and then email us your file(s) separately, please be sure to give us your full name and postcode so we can locate your advert.


You can upload a maximum of 8 photos. The first image you upload is the main image that will be used in the magazine print advert(s). Any other images that you upload will be used only on the website.

PLEASE NOTE: The photograph(s) you use should be a true representation of the advertised item. We cannot accept adverts supplied with stock or library photos nor can we accept 'cut-outs' or montages. Warners Group Publications reserves the right to remove such photos from adverts placed for publication on the website or in our magazine(s) as appropriate.


5) Can I get back into my advert to amend once I have completed it?

If you need to make any changes to your advert, please contact us by telephone or email and we will be happy to help.


6) My vehicle is now sold, how do I remove my advert?

You will need to contact us by telephone or email and we will do this for you.


7) How to write a good advert?

Pick out a few important features that make your item (Motorhome, Caravan, Accessories, Park Home or Tent) a good buy, e.g. Low mileage, few previous owners, long MOT/Tax, anything you think will improve your items value.

Be realistic about price, asking over the odds will only mean you have to advertise again. Check the going rate for your item. Attach a photo, or even upgrade your advert to our gold listing, it'll make your advert stand out and you'll get a better response. Finally, be honest; lying about the condition of your item will only waste your time and theirs. Key points to include in your ad: Colour, Mileage, Service history, Number of owners, Condition, MOT & road tax (if got them), Key features, Colour photograph.


Still Stuck?

Contact our Buy & Sell team on 01778 395093 (Monday - Friday 9am-4pm)

Alternatively, please email [email protected]