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Castle European


Ready, set, go...!

Depending on the model and it’s age shipping your motorhome or campervan to New Zealand makes good financial sense.

European motorhomes and campervans are held in high esteem in New Zealand and the local market values them highly.

Together with tax concessions, usually only available to new permanent residents, the value of your motorhome when on the road in New Zealand makes the cost of shipping and on-road compliance well worthwhile.  You’ll land your motorhome in New Zealand at a significantly lower cost than buying the equivalent model on the local market.

Castle European offers a complete service from Southampton onwards, organising the shipping, customs procedures, Ministry of Agriculture cleaning on arrival, collection from the Port of Auckland and completion of the on-road compliance procedure, handing you the keys to your vehicle when it’s on the road, registered and ready to use.  We can also complete the electrical, gas and NZ Self Containment certification.

Once everything is complete, you’re then ready to explore your new country!

Many of our previous clients have spent several months in their motorhomes touring New Zealand and choosing their ideal place to settle.

We’ll minimise the processing time so that there is the shortest possible delay between your arrival and being able to use your motorhome.

Castle European makes it easy for you

Deliver your vehicle to Southampton Terminal within a day or so of your requested departure day and we can:
  • Organise shipping to New Zealand.
  • Arrange marine transit insurance
  • Organise motorhome insurance for you
  • Organise insurance in the UK while you are travelling and/or when you travel in New Zealand
  • Organise vehicle insurance once the vehicle has been handed over to you
  • Handle the New Zealand importation procedure
  • Liaise with New Zealand Customs
  • Gain biosecurity clearance
  • Collect the motorhome from Port of Auckland
  • Complete the on-road compliance procedure
  • Register the vehicle in your name
  • Gain electrical certification
  • Ensure gas compliance for appliances

We've helped many new immigrants moving to New Zealand import their motorhomes.

Travel New Zealand on your own terms.  Thinking about your next holiday in New Zealand? 

Buy. Travel. Sell Save - Why rent when you can export a new VAT free motorhome to use on your trip then sell afterwards.

Contact Details

8 Shiloh Way




New Zealand

+64 (0) 21 157 0047


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