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Motorhome advice: Fitting a Truma gas filter


Our ’van, like many now, is fitted with a Truma crash-sensing regulator. Mine is four years old and, bringing it out of winter storage, I noticed the hobs burning with a small flame and the boiler would stop working if the hob was turned on. It appeared that I didn’t have enough gas pressure in the ’van.

My dealer diagnosed it instantly over the phone. Apparently, the crash-sensing regulators are susceptible to gumming up with oils, which are present in the gas supply. It is not really possible to clean it out so the only solution is a new regulator at £100 to £150. When I rang Truma, it confirmed this diagnosis.

Filter fit

In order to get around the problem, Truma has designed a filter to be put in line before the regulator. This catches the oil and should prevent the problem in the future. The filter is about £40 and you might also need a 90-degree elbow for another £8.

So, if you have a Truma crash-sensing regulator that is still working well, you would be well advised to put a filter on it in order to keep it working properly and save the replacement cost.

Unfortunately for me it was a new regulator, filter and elbow. I fitted it all myself. The filter was as easy as fitting a gas bottle, the regulator a touch more difficult, but still straightforward. To be safe I then got the whole lot leak tested by a local Gas Safe engineer for a very reasonable £30.

What I learnt
Low gas pressure can be due to the gas system getting gummed up

What I spent
£48 for the filter and fittings, plus £30 for a Gas Safe engineer check

How long it took
About an hour

Useful contacts

Truma UK  01283 587960
 truma.com was really helpful with part numbers. There are a few versions of the regulator, but the filter is universal with part number 50602-01.

You can buy the kit in many places, but I used the Caravan Accessory Shop - 01263 837482 and caravanaccessoryshop.co.uk - and found its service excellent.


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