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Essential Guide to 2021 motorhomes - Auto-Trail motorhomes


Auto-Trail Grande Frontier motorhome

Auto-Trail has a brand-new A-Class range for the 2021 season — the Grande Frontier.

Stunning from every angle, the Grande Frontier range features dynamic external graphics, purposeful front grille and high-level electric coach mirrors.

The Grande Frontier delivers a sleek yet bold aesthetic, complete with LED external lighting including headlamps, daytime running lights and an innovatively detailed Auto-Trail puddle light on the driver’s door as standard.

There are three models in the Grande Frontier range, all of them four-berths.

The most compact model in the range is the GF-70, which is just 6.96m in length.

Here, there are face-to-face sofas in the lounge, and an end washroom. There is a large drop-down double bed over the cab, and further sleeping capacity when the sofas in the lounge are converted. There are two travel seats, with an option to increase this to four if required.

Next up is the GF-80, which is 8.07m in length. Again, there is a drop-down double bed over the cab but the star feature is the large island bed to the rear, which has storage around it.

With a washbasin and toilet in one corner of this area and a separate shower in the other, this has the feel of a luxury en suite-style bedroom.

That island bed and bathroom design is replicated in the third member of the Grande Frontier family, the GF-88, which is 8.80m in length.

All models feature a wraparound soft-touch integrated dashboard, complete with LCD Zenec touchscreen head unit which includes motorhome-specific navigation, media entertainment, smartphone connectivity and the new selectable rear
view camera as standard.

Ambient internal lighting will provide you with a calming atmosphere and the sophisticated soft-touch upholstery and captain swivel chairs will allow you to relax in comfort and style.

Full control of your interior environment is achieved with the Alde hydronic heating system as standard.

Every Grande Frontier is also fitted with the new powerful and portable WiFi as standard and features an integrated media centre, incorporating table storage, illuminated entrance handle and a new 21.5in Avtex smart TV.


Price from £76,345 (OTR)
Base vehicle Fiat Ducato
Layouts Island beds, end washroom
Berths 4
Travel seats 2+2 (option)
Length 6.96m-8.80m
Gross weight 3,500kg-5,000kg
Payload Various


Auto-Trail Frontier motorhome

Auto-Trail’s Frontier range is set to reach greater heights in 2021.

Built on the Fiat Ducato Al-Ko chassis with a driving force of 140bhp or 160bhp as standard, these four or six bed motorhomes combine exemplary road manners and compromise on comfort.

There are three models in the range. Delaware is a four-berth with an island bed layout, measuring 8.07m in length; Scout is also 8.07m and has four berths with a U-shaped rear lounge. Comanche is the largest at 8.80m.

It has side-facing sofas in the lounge and an island bed. All can sleep four, with an option to increase to six.

New features include an integrated media centre, incorporating table storage and illuminated entrance handle; Motorhome WiFi; new 21.5in Avtex Smart TV fitted into the media centre, and hydronic central heating and hot water from Alde.

A Zenec touchscreen head unit, featuring advanced navigation, media entertainment and smartphone connectivity is also available.


Price from £78,544 (OTR)
Base vehicle Fiat Ducato
Layouts Island bed, rear lounge
Berths 4 (6 as option)
Travel seats 2-6
Length 8.07m-8.80m
Gross weight 4,500kg-5,000kg
Payload Various


Auto-Trail Imala motorhome

If it’s choice you’re looking for in a motorhome, you won’t be disappointed by the number of different layouts available in Auto-Trail’s Imala range.

In fact, there are eight different layouts in total, ranging from 6.34m in length (615 and 625), upwards to 7.25m (730, 732, 734, 736, 736 G), with the 720 sitting in between, at 7.05m.

These are two to four berths, with six berths an option in selected models, and all type of sleeping configurations are available, from twin beds to island bed, transverse bed and even the giant-sized double that occupies the entire rear width of the 736 G.

The 140bhp manual engine comes as standard, but there is an option to upgrade to 160bhp, 180bhp or Fiat’s 9 speed automatic.

Another option is the Media Pack, which includes selectable rear camera, and Motorhome WiFi is available in all 2021 Imala models as a cost option.


Price from £52,913 (OTR)
Base vehicle Fiat Ducato
Layouts Rear lounge, island bed, twin bed, transverse bed
Berths 2-6 (6 as option)
Travel seats 2-4
Length 6.34m-7.25m
Gross weight 3,500kg
Payload Various


Highlights of Auto-Trail’s 2021 motorhomes

  • Brand new A-Class range for the 2021 season. The Grande Frontier line-up features three models, the GF-70, GF-80 and GF-88
  • Grand Frontier models fitted with LED external lighting, electric coach mirrors, dynamic external graphics and more
  • Alde hydronic heating system as standard on Grande Frontier models
  • New features on the Frontier range, with the Delaware, Scout and Comanche all fitted with integrated media centre and Motorhome WiFi as standard
  • A vast choice in the Imala range with eight different layouts available, and up to six berths as an option
  • Manufacturer backed five-year warranty, base vehicle warranty and five year body construction integrity warranty as standard


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