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Essential Guide to 2020 motorhomes - Malibu motorhomes and campervans


Malibu I 500 QB motorhome

The A-class Malibu I 500 QB features a large island bed over a spacious garage on a 7.50m-long chassis. The separate shower and washroom can easily be converted into an en suite washroom offering added luxury and flexibility.

As with all Malibu models, high-quality furniture and fittings are standard throughout the motorhome.

The easy-to-use, large drop-down bed in the cab area is both spacious and supremely comfortable. The interior features Malibu’s unique stepless double floor, with high-quality furniture and class-leading construction throughout.

The bedroom in the Malibu I 500 QB motorhome

The well-equipped kitchen offers plenty of storage space and a full oven is available as an optional extra. Available with a choice of special equipment packs, including media packs with satellite TV, the Malibu I 500 QB can be personalised to buyer’s individual tastes. Engine upgrades and an automatic gearbox can be also be specified.

In 2020 the interior of Malibu’s motorhomes has been visibly enhanced.

The lounge seating groups now benefit from a faux leather trim with an elegant diamond pattern on the rear panel behind the side seat.

This top-of-the-range model comes up trumps with a slide-out room partitioning and TV wall with another sliding door for separating off the sleeping area.

The bedroom in the Malibu I 500 QB motorhome, with TV

The comfortable queen-sized bed therefore becomes the centrepiece of a home cinema. The quality Malibu motorhomes have class, which is particularly noticeable from the wood-free design and a double-floor basement, which is unique in this class.

Motorhome buyers can now upgrade in accordance with their requirements. This includes a high-quality lithium-ion on-board battery, for example, including a battery computer and an app function for continuous monitoring of the charge condition.


  • Price from: £77,700
  • Base vehicle: Fiat Ducato
  • Layout: Island bed over garage
  • Berths: 4/5
  • Travel seats: 4/5
  • Length: 7.48m
  • Gross weight: 3,500kg
  • Payload: 415kg

Malibu Van Charming Coupe 600 DB motorhome

Malibu Van Charming Coupe 600 DB campervan

Malibu’s Van Charming Coupé is the latest extension of the successful model family. Like the Charming GT, the Coupé does not have a storage area over the cab, and therefore integrates the cockpit completely into the living area.

This means lots of room and a generous feeling of spaciousness – the Malibu Van Charming Coupé combines the handling of a van with the spacious living area of a compact semi-integrated motorhome.

The high-level lockers and the indirectly illuminated canopies have also been extended towards the front above the seating area, further allowing the cockpit of the Malibu Van Charming Coupé to become perfectly integrated into the living area and combine with it to form a single relaxing area.

The friendly and light interior of the Malibu Van Charming Coupé is based on the ‘Charming’ model series. Both floor plans also originate from this model series.

The Malibu Van Charming Coupé is available as the 600 DB with a large double bed across the rear and as the 640 LE with single beds arranged lengthways.

The harmonious exterior decor rounds off the Van concept.

The Malibu Van Charming Coupé has also taken over the advantages of the comfort models of the Malibu Van. These include features such as the patented 3-in-1 flexi-washroom with swivelling toilet and stable shower door using hinged elements, the spacious kitchen with user-friendly, raised fridge, which has been designed exclusively for Malibu, the large wardrobe and the cosy lounge seating area. The enlarged storage compartment in the double floor of the lounge seating group with large bilge hatch and high-quality hinges are all also new.

The double bed in the Malibu Van Charming Coupe 600 DB campervan

The Malibu Van Charming Coupé also has all of the typical features of the model family: the high-quality furniture construction with double connection technology and high-quality fittings, the complete LED lighting with many spotlights and comprehensive insulation of the floor, walls, doors and roof.

There’s also a high-performance Combi 6 heater and the unsurpassed storage space concept with large rear compartment, the practical lounge seating group with storage drawer, surrounding overhead storage cabinets above the beds in the rear and many other details that makes this a model worth checking out.


  • Price from: £48,950
  • Base vehicle: Fiat Ducato
  • Layout: Double bed
  • Berths: 2/3
  • Travel seats: 4
  • Length: 5.99m
  • Gross weight: 3,300kg
  • Payload: 525kg


Highlights of Malibu’s 2020 motorhomes

  • Rear kitchen wall in high-gloss cream for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • The interior has a more harmonious effect thanks to the high-quality wall cladding with decorative stitching (except I 441 LE)
  • LED 24in flatscreen including TV wall holder or TV pull-out system
  • Dressing room: solid wood sliding door in front of bedroom (490 LE) or pull-out room partitioning and TV wall in front of bedroom (500 QB)

Highlights of Malibu’s 2020 campervans

  • Waste bin integrated in kitchen units and is accessible from the outside as well as from the living area
  • Elaborate lighting with indirect ambient lighting in the entrance and lounge seating area, numerous spotlights with LED lighting technology and Malibu branding
  • Large storage compartment in double floor of lounge seating area with hatch and high-quality hinges
  • Removable double floor in the rear storage compartment. Perfect place to store the Malibu table and chair set (optional)


This content featured in The Essential Guide to 2020 Motorhomes, brought to you by the publishers of MMM, What Motorhome and Campervan magazines. To buy a digital edition of the guide with the November issue of MMM or Campervan, click here.

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