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Essential Guide to 2020 motorhomes - Laika motorhomes


One of Laika’s longest running ranges, the Ecovip motorhome represents the company’s approach to high quality, beautifully styled motorhomes, but it’s great value, too.

Laika Ecovip 609 motorhome

This 609 is one of the smallest of Laika’s A-class models available to UK customers this year, offering twin single beds in the rear above a garage.

The Laika Ecovip 609 motorhome

Step onboard the Ecovip 609 into a spacious lounge, with Laika’s sumptuous sofas taking centre stage. The cab seats swivel and a large fixed table provides dining for four.

This lounge also provides two extra travel seats in the rear. Alongside those twin singles at the rear, there’s a drop-down bed above the cab. Simply flip the cab seats flat and drop the bed and this large double barely makes an impact on the lounge seating.

Twin single beds in the Laika Ecovip 609

The kitchen, though compact, offers worktop space thanks to the shape and layout of the sink and hob, while there are big, useful drawers below. To the right of this there is a large 160-litre fridge freezer.

The washroom is opposite this. Again, it maximises the space available yet, thanks to the clever design, still offers a separate shower, plenty of storage and the same high quality standard of fittings throughout the rest of the motorhome.

You can also specify this model with the Comfort Pack (manual cab air-conditioning, Traction+, Hill Descent, cruise control, cab and entrance step carpets, and duckboard for the shower). There is a Dolce Vita Pack, too, which provides a multi-media system in the cab with reversing camera and sat nav. This pack also adds a 22in TV, satellite dish and remote control of the heater using a smartphone - very handy, indeed.


Price from: £67,600 plus OTR
Base vehicle: Fiat Ducato
Layout: Twin single beds
Berths: 4
Travel seats: 4
Length: 6.99m
Gross weight: 3,500kg
Payload: 441kg

Laika Kreos 7009 motorhome

The Kreos 7009 sits at the top of the UK Laika line-up. It offers twin single beds at the rear, whereas its sister model, the 7012, provides an island bed. Laika has always had a reputation for making solid, stylish motorhomes and that ethos continues today. It’s unlikely you’ll see a Kreos without the Portofino specification in the UK, but then the pack adds in the 160bhp engine and the new fully automatic gearbox, plus foglights and 16in alloys on the outside, as well as cab enhancements and much more.

There’s a flat floor that aids access between the cab and the habitation area, as well as improving the lounge comfort.

Then, at the very back, are the twin single beds at a fairly high level. This allows for wardrobes under the foot of the beds, as well as the two full-height units. The height of those beds comes into its own with the garage space below. It’s a minimum of a metre in height inside, with both access doors being over a metre, too. And there’s a 250kg capacity, so you can even get a scooter in here. There’s a ‘garage door open’ light on the dashboard, too.

The bed in the Laika Kreos 7009 motorhome


Price from: £95,200 plus OTR
Base vehicle: Fiat Ducato Al-Ko
Layout: Twin single beds
Berths: 4
Travel seats: 4
Length: 7.96m
Gross weight: 4,250kg
Payload: 756kg

Laika Kreos 5009 motorhome

Based on the Fiat Ducato Al-Ko chassis, the Kreos 5009 oozes refinement throughout.

Water tanks are built into the double floor, as are heating ducts to ensure they remain frost-proof. The thickness of the floor, walls and roof and the insulation material type and density make all Laika vehicles particularly suitable for winter use. This double floor also contains storage with up to 30cm of height in some places and access from inside and out.

Up front, the large lounge has comfort aplenty, with shaped cushions and smart upholstery. The solid pedestal leg table is a good size and slides to allow access around it.

The kitchen offers large worktops and two sinks. UK bound models generally get a full cooker with three burner hob, oven and grill, allowing budding chefs to indulge their talents.

The kitchen in the Laika Kreos 5009 motorhome

Further back, step through a washroom to get to the high-level twin single beds. This washroom door swings across the corridor to make an ensuite and dressing area for the bedroom.

The bedroom in the Kreos 5009 motorhome


Price from: £80,800 plus OTR
Base vehicle: Fiat Ducato Al-Ko
Layout: Twin single beds
Berths: 2-5
Travel seats: 4
Length: 7.69m
Gross weight: 4,500kg
Payload: 1,166kg

Highlights of Laika’s 2020 motorhomes

  • Laika is celebrating its 55th anniversary with a range of special edition models. In 1964, Giovanbattista Moscardini founded the company, naming it after the first dog in space
  • Portofino Pack introduced this year for Kreos ranges includes a huge amount of extra equipment from engine upgrades to carpets
  • Kreos 3000/4000 Portofino Pack includes upgrade to 140bhp engine with auto, start/stop, Truma Combi 6EH heating and reversing camera
  • Kreos 5000 Portofino Pack features an upgrade to the 160bhp engine, automatic gearbox and drop-down bed in the lounge, plus more
  • Kreos 7000’s Portofino Pack includes the 160bhp engine with auto, as well as more

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