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Best of Caravan 2019: Your top ten posts!


With 2019 almost done, it’s time to look back at what you’ve read most over the year on our website.

What did you like most? What did you visit most? What did you spend the most time reading on the Caravan Magazine website?

Here our your top 10 caravan articles from 2019!


10. That’s entertainment

caravan satellite dish

Some readers want to get away from it all in their caravan and go off-grid. But, many of you enjoy creature comforts in your home-from-home. And, one of them is watching your favourite TV programs.

A digital aerial is OK. But, a satellite-ready TV and dish make it more likely that you’ll be able to watch TV no matter where you are in the UK (or Europe).

Our Caravan Satellite Dish Guide continues to be one of your favourite articles on our website. Watch our satellite installation video to see how you fit one on your roof!

9. Swift’s ten latest models

Swift's 2020 models

Summer is the launch season for caravan manufacturers, and we criss-cross the country looking at all the new models.

Swift’s ten 2020 models interested you in droves. The Hull-based company updated its popular Basecamp model with a timberless floor, and revealed the new, improved model at the October show.

Swift updated their Challenger and Eccles ranges with the new eight-feet wide ‘X’ versions. Plus, a new layout for their Elegance range.

8. Tiny tourers keep tempting you

tiny tourers

We tested six small caravans over four years ago and readers keep coming back to the article to learn about these tiny tourers.

Small, lightweight but no less comfortable than their bigger brothers and sisters, they are the entry point for many new to caravanning. And, small caravans are popular with people who want to downsize their van.

7. Bailey’s Alicanto Grande gets a big interest

Bailey Alicanto Grande

Big is better, apparently. And, Bailey’s new eight-feet wide Alicanto Grande range was an online hit this summer.

The three-caravan range all have Alde heating, automatic stability control system, Al-Ko Secure wheel locks, and a Tracker Monitor. The Alicanto Grande range has MTPLMs between 1,596kg and 1,779kg.

6. The all-important caravan layout

caravan layouts

Choosing the right caravan layout is one of the most important decisions you make when buying a new van. And, it’s one of the biggest reasons first-time buyers sell their caravan within a year.

Choose the right layout for what you need. A couple will need a different layout to a family with teenagers, for example. Choose wisely and make sure you visit a show or a showroom before you decide on the layout. And, read this article!

5. Keeping your toilet in good order

caravan toilet chemicals

It’s a horrible subject, but you found it fascinating — caravan toilet chemicals! On average, you each spent 15 minutes reading the article, which is a long time for any online posts.

Why is such a grubby topic so popular? Well, if you get this part of caravanning wrong, it can make life inside your caravan intolerable. Some caravanners don’t use their on-board toilet to avoid creating any nasty smells. They prefer to use the facilities on the campsite.

Others want to know how to manage their toilet properly to avoid any smells or embarrassment. And, using your caravan’s toilet means you use less water than if you use the on site toilets.

4. Loading to be legal

Caravan weights

Caravanners obsess about their weight. Not their body weight: the weight of their caravan. It’s important to know your MTPLM and your payload. Carry too much weight in your caravan and you open yourself up to problems and danger when you tow it.

That’s why this article continues to bring visitors to our website. It helps you

3. Our caravanning readers are practical

caravan water systems

Once you’ve bought a caravan, you want to know how to maintain it. Our ‘practical advice’ articles are always popular, and they show us that caravanning is more than about holidays and freedom.

Caravanning is a hobby, and you enjoy looking after your vans. Understanding your caravan’s water system, which system you have, how it works and how to mend it are important to you. And, we understand why!

You’ve spent money on your caravan and it is frustrating if it’s not in top condition when you go on holiday. We want to spend our holidays enjoying them and not mending broken water systems.

2. The Best of the Best Caravans!

2019 Caravan Awards

It would have surprised us if this wasn’t in the top two pages on our website. We’re a magazine about caravans and you want to know all about the latest models and the best layouts for different owners.

Our top caravans for 2019 were the best of the best, and we will keep on looking at the new caravans coming onto the market, what’s popular, what’s innovative and what’s best for different owners.

Look out for our 2020 Caravan Awards! They are coming soon.

1. What can you tow with your car?


That’s what you wanted to know most of all in 2019! Knowing which caravans you can tow with your car is the most important answer you need. There’s no point in looking at the caravan until you know if you can tow it.

If you can’t tow it, you either look at a different caravan, or buy a car than can tow it.

That’s why our free Towmatch service is the most popular page on our website. The service helps you find the caravans you can tow and then helps you find reviews on the model and who sells them!

Here’s to finding the right caravan for you and an adventurous, relaxing 2020!


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