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Manufactured by French leisure giants The Trigano Group, the Caravelair Antarès range is fully equipped to UK tastes and is available exclusively from Marquis.

Offering a collection of 6 layouts, many unique to the UK market, this range offers excellent value in its class and prices start at an all inclusive  £14,495 OTR. The Caravelair Antarès offers a range of unqiue and exclusive layouts fully specified for the UK caravan market. Since their launch they have undergone a substantial specification make-over, further enhanced for the 2018 season. These desirable models are lightweight, compact, chic and easy to tow.

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Caravelair Antares Luxe 425

The 2009 Caravelair Antares Luxe 425 weighs only 815kg, it’s just over four metres long, it sleeps four – and ...

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