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Manual Levelling Guide for Caravans


While you may not mind if your caravan looks a little ‘wonky’ on site, there are many reasons why you should persevere and get your tourer totally level:

  • Your fridge may not function properly as it needs to be completely level for the fluids to circulate correctly.

  • A sloping van will also make it difficult for water to escape from sinks, draining boards and shower trays.

  • Sleeping with your head below your legs can also be an issue, and you certainly won’t want to be levelling the van in the dark.

manual caravan levelling

HOW TO DO ITcaravan leveller

Here’s one tried-and-tested method for using levelling ramps. It works for both single or twin-axle caravans.

  1. Assess the pitch before you drive onto it, choosing the flattest/ the driest area available.

  2. Manoeuvre approximately into position (18in behind where you want to end up, for a single-axle van, and 40in behind for twin-axles).

  3. Check if the van is level laterally. Don’t raise the door side of the caravan so much it’s difficult to get inside. ‘End-door’ caravans will suffer most.

  4. Position the ramp in front of the lower-side wheel. For twin axles, position a second ramp 40in in front of the first ramp (or the length between the two wheel centres).

  5. Always pull forward up the ramp, as, otherwise, your van’s automatic reversing system may kick in and allow it to roll.

  6. Drive up the ramp in first gear until the van is level. With twin axles, tow up and over the first ramp and then up both ramps until level.

  7. Once level, apply the caravan handbrake and chock all the wheels on the van to prevent it rolling backwards.

  8. Now, uncouple and level the caravan front to back using the jockey wheel.

  9. To leave your pitch, tow slowly forward over the ramps, then go back to collect them.

To read about automatic caravan levelling systems, click here!

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