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Guide to couples caravans for sale


For couples, it’s all about how much luxury you can afford. If want to save money and get by with bare essentials, there are caravans for sale for any budget.

These are perfect if you’re going to be away from the caravan, taking part in any number of activities, too.

If you want complete comfort, though, spend that little bit more and you can treat your tourer as a palatial place of rest and relaxation wherever you want to take it.


If there are only two of you and you never intend to invite other family members to join you, a two-berth caravan can be ideal. If you need more space occaisionally, take a look at family caravans.

The majority of two-berth caravans fall into two categories: those with end kitchens and those with shower rooms across the whole width of the caravan at the rear, and with the kitchen on the offside.

Longer two-berths in both categories offer the option of using the settees as single beds, or making up a double bed across the width of the caravan.

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Which ones appeal to you depend on whether you like more space, or whether you want to look for a caravan of as short a length as possible.

That may be because you want to keep it in a confined space in your garden, for example.

Fixed bed four-berth caravans

These are caravans with a permanent double bed. They’re four-berths, sleeping two more in the lounge if and when required.

These are ideal for couples who sometimes want other family members to join them. They’re also ideal for those who don’t want to construct a double bed from the lounge; your bed is waiting for you, just like at home!

Fixed bed four-berths come in a huge variety of lengths and weights – and prices, so be sure to do your research at shows and dealerships to see what works best for you.

Twin bed caravans

Caravan layouts come in fashion waves. The arrival of the fixed bed, in the 1990s, transformed caravanning for many and increased the appeal of the whole concept of holiday homes on wheels. Within a few years, every manufacturer offered fixed bed caravans, in a variety of lengths and weights and levels of equipment.

Then came the twin bed concept. Again, suddenly, every manufacturer offered several options; there’s a twin-bed caravan to suit many budgets, weight limits and tastes.

Twin bed caravans are tailor-made for two people who don’t mind sleeping separately. Each gets a permanent bed, with a corridor in between leading to the shower room at the rear. All of these caravans enable you to make a double bed in the front end. That makes them ideal if you sometimes have other family members with you.

But, this layout isn’t just for couples. It can be perfect for a family of four. The offspring get the single beds and the parents make their double in the lounge. It’s an example of a layout that crosses the divide between couples and families very effectively.


Or simply tell us what you think!


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