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Product Review: MIXX Audio S3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock


Many modern caravans have built-in audio systems, which might be a radio, CD player or MP3 player, to keep their owners entertained with their favourite music or radio programs.

But, what if your caravan does not have a sound system? How can you listen to the music you like? Or, listen to the latest instalment of the Archers without adding lots of weight to the payload, without it taking up lots of space in your van, and costing you a fortune?

Benefits of Bluetooth speakers

That's why a Bluetooth speaker is so handy. Connect your smartphone, laptop or tablet PC to one, and you can play music, or stream audio wherever you are in your or near your caravan.

We tried out the MIXX Audio S3 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker & Alarm Clock to see if it was up to the job.

Easy on the ears and compact

Firstly, the MIXX Audio S3 is a small device, which means you can tuck it away easily in your caravan when not using it. And, it's small enough to sit on a shelf or next to your bed with ease. Its alarm clock means you could use it to wake you up in the mornings on holiday or at home.

The S3 is well-made and looks good, with its quirky, triangular shape. Its non-slip surface makes it stable on smooth surfaces, and it will probably save a few accidental nudges.

With two speakers, this little gem gives a surprisingly good sound with bass, unlike some Bluetooth speakers which can sound tinny. The speakers are 3w each, in fact.

Handsfree Calls and more

MIXX Audio S3 Speakers rear view

If you want to make hands-free calls, the MIXX S3 has a microphone too. That's great if you want to call friends or family while you are cooking, for example.

When it comes to power, the S3 has a rechargeable battery from which you can also charge a phone. It takes about 4 hours to charge it, and it will give you about 6 hours of playing time.

Connecting your device to the S3 is easy too. If you can't connect your device to it via Bluetooth, no problem. There's a 3.5 mm port into which you can plug your device.

Good value

The MIXX Audio S3 is a great device for caravanners who want a versatile Bluetooth speaker to use in their van, outside under their awning, or at home. It's well made and well worth the £40 price tag.

Buy the MIXX Audio S3 Bluetooth Speakers & Alarm Clock from the MIXX website or on Amazon, eBay or other online retailers.

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