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New kit for your next caravan tour


We know that we've had to press pause on our touring adventures for now so it's time to think about all that new kit you'll want to buy for when you finally get out and about in your caravan.

Many companies are still offering delivery, although it's to be expected that some things will take longer than others to arrive. Here's some ideas for armchair spending sprees...


Easy Camp Adventure Coffee Pot

If you’re of a certain vintage, this will instantly conjure up memories of those old Western movies where the cowboys would sit around the campfire and drink coffee from a pot heated over the flames.

If – like us, of course! – you’re too young to remember them, you’ll simply appreciate the stylish aluminium look of the Easy Camp Adventure Coffee Pot. Just like the coffee pots of the old Wild West, this can be heated over the fire and it also comes with a detachable lid, transparent knob to let you see the coffee brew, and a percolator.
PRICE Expect to pay £18.99
W easycamp.com

Easy Camp Backgammon Picnic Rug

Picnics are great, but what do you do when the grub’s all gone? Easy… play a game of backgammon on your picnic rug! Make your own pieces and use the PVC-backed rug as a giant backgammon board wherever you are.
PRICE Expect to pay £24.99
W easycamp.com

Light My Fire KitLight My Fire Range

Swedish outdoor accessories specialist, Light My Fire, has moved its entire product line to bioplastic – derived from renewable crops including corn, sugar cane and tree cellulose. Sporks are now made from bioplastics derived from GMO-free corn, food containers from sugarcane and wood fibre, and pack-up cups from sugarcane.
PRICE Varies depending on product
W lightmyfire.com

Goal Zero Sherpa 100pd Power Bank

In the past, caravan holidays were all about switching off, leaving all the distractions of modern life at home and getting back to nature.

Of course, for many people, that’s still the case, but these days most of us want to stay connected when we head out on an adventure in the caravan.

Phones, tablets, Bluetooth speakers, USB-powered lights and even laptops are all considered essential items by many campers.

Obviously, they all need a power source and one of the biggest issues you’ll face is keeping all of your technology charged.

Over the past 10 years, Goal Zero has developed an extensive range of products that provide portable power solutions designed for the outdoors – including solar panels, power banks, lighting and an assortment of accessories.

The Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD is the newest model in the collection. It has a rugged metal construction and it’s certainly not the most lightweight power bank available on the market.
PRICE Expect to pay £199.95
W goalzero.com


Helinox Personal Shade

More coverage than a hat, more ergonomic than an umbrella, the Helinox Personal Shade creates a dedicated shady spot for you to unwind.

It attaches to most Helinox chairs, and creates an overhead canopy of SPF 50+ sun protection. It comes with two sets of adapters to fit the frame of most Helinox models and the sides adjust to move with the sun, ensuring the shade is always overhead.
PRICE Expect to pay £60
W helinox.com




Hydro Flask Cooler Cup

Like all the best caravanning gear, the new Cooler Cup is two great things in one: it’s a can or bottle cooler, and, with one quick switch, it becomes a cup. As a Cooler Cup, it has a silicone sleeve that lets you snugly slide in a narrow bottle or a can. Pop off the sleeve and you have a standard-sized cup made to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

PRICE Expect to pay £25
W hydroflask.com

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