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Kit & Caboodle Gear Reviews: Luxury Caravan Accessories


This month, we've got seven extravagant caravanning accessories.

All prices are RRPs. You may find significantly lower prices online or elsewhere.

Lightweight Merino Wool Buff

Slip this delightfully soft merino wool Buff over your head as the cock crows at daybreak, and chances are you'll still be wearing it at night. Twist, tie and knot it into a headband, wristband, hat or balaclava, or keep it as the snuggest scarf. Pure itch-free, neck-warming bliss.

Buff Merino neck warmerPrice £26.75

Benq GS1 Projector

Benq GS1 projector

This portable, cable-free, outdoor leisure projector is compact and lightweight, and ideal for projecting onto the side of your caravan for a night of al fresco 'cinema'!

Even at close range, it'll throw a crystal-clear and saturated, 60-inch image onto your van wall, making you the envy of the entire campsite.

Its one-touch set-up makes it ideal for those of a non-techie disposition (or anyone who doesn't own a modern teenager). Play films or TV through a computer, on WiFi or Bluetooth 4.0. Consider using headphones on site later in the evening.

PRICE £499

M&S Hungarian Goose Down 13.5 All Season Duvet

Marks and Spencer duvet

It's a flawed philosophy for caravanners to use 'old stuff' for touring, like threadbare towels and patchy duvets, whose filling long ago clumped into blocks leaving unwelcome cold spots. Better, surely, to treat yourself to some fine holiday sleep and turn your trip into proper R&R?

Slip below this luxuriously warm goose down duvet and you'll blow zzzs until dawn. It's light enough to use all year round, with a 4.5 tog duvet for summer and a 9 tog duvet for spring and autumn, or combine the pair for a toasty 13.5 tog cover in winter.

Just take it indoors at the end of each tour to keep the loft in the deliciously soft down and feathers.

Price £269 (double)

Tefal Ingenio Pan Sets

Tefal Ingenio pans

You don't need a giant egghead or a 150+ IQ to appreciate the brilliance of Tefal Ingenio's removable-handle pan design.

On a crowded caravan hob, the detachable handle makes room for more high-quality pans, cutting cooking time and, arguably, creating a safer kitchen environment, too.

The handle is clicked firmly in place with a single hand, and is removed quickly and safely by nipping two releases simultaneously.

In our test set (two frying pans, three saucepans with lids), the quality seems excellent, nothing sticks and the pans are easy to clean. You soon get used to sharing the handle, particularly handy when putting pans into the oven or under the grill.

PRICE Sets from £60

The North Face Women's Thermoball Tent Mule IV

North Face Women's Thermoball Tent Mule IV

While all that lovely blown-air heat rises to the roof of your caravan, spare a thought for your tootsies at floor level. These slippers are over-engineered for caravanning – they're created for camping under canvas on a mountain – but slide into their heavenly embrace at the end of the day and you'll have happier feet than dancing penguins.

There's generous insulation for warmth, and rubber traction lugs in the outsole in case you can't bear to take them off for a scurry to the washroom.

Price £45

Dyson Cool Desk Fan

Dyson Cool Desk Fan

Keep a cooling breeze flowing through your caravan, when the mercury rises, with this amazing fan.

There are no blades, so it's much quieter and more stable than traditional fans, yet it still propels a smooth jet of high-velocity air. Clever stuff. The absence of blades also means it's easier to clean and safer for young caravanners' fingers.

More expensive upgrades add air filters and heaters with the same innovative Dyson engineering.

Price £250

Caravan Lottery

Win!We've re-launched the Caravan Lottery for 2018.

You enter just once to stand a chance of winning prizes in our Kit & Caboodle competition each month.

To enter, go online to caravan.ma/caracomps, pop in your details, and, if you like, sign up for our useful and informative Caravan e-newsletter, which lists the winner each month. We also publish the winner's name in Caravan mag and online.

If it's you, email [email protected] or call us on 01778 392450 to claim all your brilliant prizes. What are you waiting for? Enter now!

April's 2018 Caravan Lottery Winner was S Foxon from Narborough LE19

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