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Kampa Easy Awning Pulley test


Will Kampa's Easy Awning Pulley make light work of one of the most stressful caravan set up activities?

Let me introduce you to one of the newest caravanning gadgets on the market for 2018. It comprises a length of cord, handle, clip and a pulley or two!

Doesn't sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread, does it? The Kampa Easy Awning Pulley sets out to solve a problem many of you probably don't know you have! If I'm being honest, I wasn't keen. Insert this, clip that, pull here. It all seemed like a lot of extra work for a problem, which as far as I was concerned, I didn't have! Regardless of this, we stuck with it and gave it a go.

The young tourers get to grips with the new product

Young Tourers with the Kampa Awning Pulley

I opened the box and removed the gadget, which comes out in one piece, so there's no assembly before you use it. The box came without any paper instructions and instead there's a simple to use three-step process is printed on the box. Is it really this simple? Turns out it is! I slid the little pulley into the right-hand side of the awning rail and locked it in place. It features a clever cushion-pad to protect the caravan side panel.

Next, I pulled the cord across to the left-hand side of the van, fed the awning bead into the awning rail and attached the end of the cord to the reinforced ring at the front edge of the awning.

The kit is simple to use

The puley is ready to go

Now, you just pull on the cord and it drags the awning up and along the rail. Simple. It's now a one-person job. No balancing on the step and stretching to reach, no pulled muscles as you over-exert… and, best of all, no arguments!

If the awning snags where it feeds into the rail, you're right there to help feed it in smoothly.

This little device is so simple in design that it almost seems too good to be true. After using it, I'm convinced on what a great idea it is. The pulley system just makes light work of the awning and the single-person operation means there's very little "to me – to you" going on! This nifty little gadget gets a big thumbs-up from the Young Tourers!

Kampa Easy Awning Pulley


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