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Five must-have caravan comfort accessories


Caravan magazine looks at five essential touring accessories for comfort when caravanning

Of course there are countless more caravanning essential accessories that you'll need to get things done on-site, but here's our pick of five that you'll find most useful for making your holiday more relaxing and giving you a little luxury away from home.

The UK has some of the best caravan accessory shops in the industry, so you're bound to have one near you where you can find a great deal to make your touring life easier.

Water carriers

Save your strength when carrying water around the campsite by purchasing any number of wheeled carrier options that can easily be pulled along the ground by hand. We've even seen one man on site hitching his Aquaroll up to a towbar!

The Aquaroll in particular – a fresh water container – has been around for over 60 years! Its long term practicality has been a favourite on many a campsite for ease of use, straight-forward storage and affordability.

You'll also need a waste water container; these look different from the rolling fresh water carriers but are still available on wheels. Again, make your life easier and avoid having to do all the heavy lifting.


While it's great to get away from screens as much as possible on holiday, regardless of what caravan advice you've received, it's always nice to sit down and watch some telly at some point in the evening.

You can get a lot for your money when it comes to T.V. tech these days, and you'll be glad you did if you're unfortunate to get stuck in your tourer during a downpour, as there's only so long that Uno can stay argument-free.

There are plenty of great 12 volt televisions and satellite systems that are surprisingly easy to set up. Just don't pitch next to any large number of trees as this will often block the signal!

Of course, with so many streaming services now available, you could always use the internet as your source of entertainment, with so many caravan videos on YouTube on offer and more.

Outdoor furniture

While caravans are comfy and plush on the inside, sometimes you just want to get out and soak up some sun. There's no better way that buying the comfiest of outdoor chairs and just kicking back with a brew or a beer.

The type of furniture available, such as the selection from Outwell below, is vast. As expected, prices and quality vary massively accross the industry so always be sure to get to a show or dealership and try before you buy. If you've got a rickity recliner or sagging seat after a few trips, it'll be anything but relaxing when you do get some time to chill out.



Nothing beats the smell of a grill on the go, covered in bun-based greasy treats. Or, if you want to posh it up a bit, there are plenty of campsite cooking options that will manage any meal you can think of. We've served paella, pizza, cakes, smoked fish and more, all from a barbecue beside our caravan. It's just the perfect way to relax with friends in nice weather, rather than having to dart in and out of your tourer to use the kitchen facilities.


If you decide to choose a caravan awning, for limited cost you can almost double the space available to you on a caravan holiday. An awning will ensure you've got the perfect way of keeping mucky boots and wet clothes out of the caravan, and there are even options to make an extra bedroom in the awning thanks to an inner-tent set-up with some models.

Weigh up the pros and cons of an air versus pole awning before you make your choice. Air awnings are growing in popularity as they're lighter and so much more easy to set up and take down. However, if you're looking to stay on site for a long period of time, or it's going to be rough weather, then a pole awning may be a better and more stable decision.


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