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Cycling Gear for Caravanners: Endura


Everyone likes having nice 'gear or clothing' for their hobbies, and cyclists are no exception.

Cyclists like gear which wicks away sweat (yeah, sorry. It’s not a nice subject), which dries quickly, and which makes them more visible to drivers.

But, what type of cycling gear do you take on your touring caravan holiday?

Most people who take their bikes caravanning want clothing more versatile than the gear favoured by hard core road cyclists or mountain bikers. The cycle clothing needs to be all the above, but which also does not look out of place if they cycle to shops, or a local place of interest.

Caravanners probably need cycling clothing comfortable on and off the bike, and which keeps them warm when they stop and cool when they ride. They need clothing which they could also use for walking through the hills, or for walking the dog along a country lane.

Endura Cycling Clothing

The folks at Westbrook Cycles asked us to try out some cycling clothing from Endura, namely the Endura Luminite DL Jacket, the Endura BaaBaa base layer, and the Endura Trekkit Trousers.

Let’s start with the Endura BaaBaa base layer.

Endura BaaBaa Merino Base LayerWhy do you need a base layer? Firstly, it’s the first layer next to your skin which must deal with the sweat when you hit the pedals. Most people wear a cotton t-shirt as their base layer. But, cotton is a poor base layer.

For sure, it will absorb your sweat. But, it soon saturates and does not dry out quickly. When you stop cycling, it means your cotton t-shirt will turn into a ‘personal refrigeration system’ and you become cold quickly (unless it’s a blazing hot day!).

But, a good base layer will ‘wick’ your sweat away quickly means you dry out faster and stay comfortable, even when you stop.

The choice of materials used in a good base layer fall into two categories, namely natural or man-made fibres. There are many good base layers which use man-made fibres. They wick away moisture quickly and keep you comfortable.

Yet, they have one main problem, which makes them less versatile than a base layer made from natural fibres: odours!

A base layer made of man-made fibres can start to smell quickly when you’ve been sweating in it for an hour or so. Soon, you could find yourself wondering if the people you are with can smell you too.

But, a base layer made from natural fibres, but not cotton, is less prone to enhancing your natural body odours. And, one of the best natural fibres for a base layer is Merino wool.

Wool, you say? Isn’t that itchy against your skin?

No, it’s surprisingly silky and comfortable. Plus Merino wool is naturally ‘odour resistant’, which means you won’t be embarrassed by your body odours after a good cycle ride.

The Endura BaaBaa Merino Long Sleeve base layer is cut to fit beautifully, with a long back so it does not ride up when you ride and expose your skin. It wicks away sweat quickly and dries out quickly, making it comfortable.

Equally, you can wear your BaaBaa base layer all day without feeling like a ‘fish out of water’ when you’re enjoying your day out.

The Endura BaaBaa Merino wool base layer is machine washable (although you need to dry it flat and not in a tumble dryer) which makes it easy to look after.

If you plan to be active while away in your caravan, get an Endura BaaBaa base layer. They are good quality and versatile.

What about a waterproof jacket?

Endura Luminite DL cycling jacket

If you take your bicycle on holiday, you still need to cycle safely on the roads or tracks, and being visible to drivers is paramount. You also need a jacket to keep the rain off and the wind out. You need a versatile, comfortable jacket which makes you visible.

This is why the Endura Luminite DL Jacket is perfect.

Firstly, let’s explore its visibility. The Luminite DL is fluorescent green with reflective patches on it in important places so you can be easily seen, day or night.

But, there’s more. The jacket has a rear light built-in on the back to add another layer of ‘high visibility’ while you ride. The LED light has three flash modes with which to get the attention of drives, and uses a 2032 battery, which should last up to 50 hours.

The Endura Luminite DL jacket will get you noticed when you are riding, walking or just minding your own business.

And, what about comfort?

The Luminite DL is made from waterproof, breathable polyester to let moisture (sweat) out. The material reduces that horrible feeling of clamminess when you exercise outdoors while wearing a jacket.

But, if that’s not enough, under each arm there’s an adjustable vent to let out even more hot air from your jacket.

As you’d expect from a high quality jacket, the Endura Luminite DL has an elasticated hem to stop the jacket flapping around too much, and to loosen up if you need some more air underneath.

It has adjustable cuffs and collar to keep weather out or to let the internal atmosphere out! Plus, there are two external, zipped pockets to keep your keys, phone or money in safely.

The Endura Luminite DL is a cracking jacket for cyclists, who want comfort, versatility and to be seen when cycling.

And, for your legs?

Endura Trekkit TrousersWe’ve dealt with our top half. But, what about the lower half? Most often when you cycle, you wear either cycling shorts or leggings. But, what if you need something more versatile to wear?

Perhaps, you want to go for a short ride in a park and then visit the stately home? Or, you want to ride to the shops before coming back to your caravan to go out for a walk?

Sometimes, shorts or leggings aren’t appropriate and you need some trousers. Or, you might want to cycle to work but don’t want to have to change when you arrive.

The Endura Trekkit trousers are a good solution. Made from a stretch fabric material, you can ride in these trousers without them chafing or gathering in all the wrong places. The material wicks sweat away too so you keep comfortable too. If it rains, the Endura Trekkit Trousers will quickly dry out.

You could easily walk all day in these trousers too, making them a great choice for anyone who needs multipurpose clothing on their holidays.

Worth buying?

The Endura BaaBaa Merino Long Sleeve base layer, Luminite DL and Trekkit trousers are ideal for active caravanners who like to go cycling and/or walking.

They are comfortable to wear and versatile enough to use them all day on different activities. The Endura kit wicks away sweat, dries out quickly and will help you keep safe. They are all easy to maintain and well made.

Each of them is good value for money and should last you several seasons, easily.

All the products are available from Westbrook Cycles

Endura BaaBaa Merino Long Sleeve base layer - Men Women - RRP £49.99

Endura Luminite DL - Men Women - RRP £89.99

Endura Trekkit Trousers - Men Women - RRP £59.99

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