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Caravanning Accessories: 8 cool caravan products


From tech to pet gear, we’ve plenty of caravanning accessories for you to spend your cash on. Read our latest gear reviews!

Caravanning Accessories we reviewed this month!


1. Outwell Caleta camping air conditioning

Outwell Caleta camping air conditioning

Would you buy a car without air-con? No. Well, what about the body of a caravan? With France recently recording its highest temperature at over 44 ̊C, the days of saying we don’t need gadgets like that are gone.

However, fitted air-con can be heavy and expensive, won’t fit all caravans and can take a lot of power.

But there are other options, like this evaporative cooler from Outwell. It works by blowing air across water to cool it. It has three power settings, three fan modes, a remote control, quiet operation and 7½ hours’ running time. Measuring just 26cm by 31cm by 57½cm it only weighs 5kg.

It works better in a dry heat and the caravan should be well-ventilated as it does introduce moisture-laden air (although it can be used just as a fan without water).

Price £109.99 - We’ve found it online for £84.99 at Camping World

2. Outwell Ecolux 24L coolbox

Outwell Ecolux 24L coolbox

You could be forgiven for falling in love with this coolbox. According to the blurb, it does “offer stunning good looks” and a “crisp white body” as well as a bamboo handle and an LED light in the lid.

As it runs off 12V/240V and comes with a water bottle/freezer pack, it is also pretty handy.

But we’re guessing the cool factor comes from its USB port, as anything with a USB port is instantly a gazillion times cooler than its non-USB port bearing inferior sibling.

Price £119.99 - You can buy this on Amazon for £92.95

3. Scruffs Expedition box bed

Scruffs Expedition box bed

If you want to encourage your four-legged travelling companion to sleep in his or her own bed and not on yours in the van, maybe it’s worth investing in a new doggy bed.

Scruffs Expedition beds are perfect for this, being light and made from a durable fabric to cope with post-walk muddy paws (it's easy to wipe clean, too).

The Jack Russell who reviewed this product hates change yet instantly took to his new bed.

There is no greater praise than this. There are four sizes and four inner colours (brown, grey, lime green and purple) to choose from.

The small bed costs £29.99, the medium £39.99 and the large £54.99, while the extra-large is £64.99. Check out the Scruffs website for size guides.

W petslovescruffs.com or find them on Amazon here

4. Fizzer postcards

Fizzer postcardsIt’s sad isn’t it? Once upon a time we picked a postcard from a rack, put a stamp on it, wrote something nonsensical and a snippet of our holiday ended up through friends' and family’s letterboxes.

Social media has almost put a stop to it (some diehard traditionalists still partake), which is sad. Well Fizzer attempts to put a modern-day take on the classic postcard.

Download the free app to a smartphone, choose the pattern and layout on the front, choose the picture you want from your holiday snaps, then type out your holiday memories on the back (three scripty fonts to choose from).

These postcards go out in airmail envelopes, so you can go old school and put the address on the back, or you can use the whole back for your report. You can even put another picture where the stamp should go.

Then click send. No more hunting for postcards or stamps.

Price from £2.29
W fizzer.com



5. Luci solar string lights

Luci solar string lights

We’re big fans of the Luci lights. They’re solar but have a built-in battery and USB so can be charged externally. They’re also good quality for the price.

The Solar String Lights are no exception. They come in a solid black case with a solar panel on top. Simply twist the body to reveal the lights, neatly wound. Then unwind and string the nylon cord with 10 nodes (each with two LEDs) along your awning.

You can also use this to charge a gadget using the built-in USB port. It’s light (658g), easy to store and has three levels of brightness.

These lights may attract wine-drinking friends to your caravan, like moths to a flame, however, so make sure your cocktail cabinet is well stocked.

Price around £39.99

W mpowerd.com - £36.14 gooutdoors.co.uk - £36 or amazon.co.uk - £39.99

6. Unicorn powerbank

Unicorn powerbank

If you have children that can’t survive longer than five nanoseconds without SnapChat, then this 2000mAh powerbank could be the perfect bribe to entice them to go caravanning with you, and pretend to enjoy it.

Measuring just 9cm by 13½cm by 4½cm and, with it’s unique unicorn horn, it’s ideal for slipping in a back pocket.

Who knows where it might end up but its distinctive bright colours make it easy for a surgeon to spot, at least. And it’s robust and durable.

Price £14.99 - We’ve found it on Amazon for £11.52



7. Koh cleaning products

Koh cleaning products

According to the hype, you can ditch all your cleaning products and just carry this Koh with you. It was launched in Australia and has taken the motorhome market by storm, apparently.

Our tester was sold and has gained a cupboard back after replacing most of the cleaning products once stored there.

The cleaner comes in a wine box-style decanter, which can then be used where needed: in the supplied spray bottle, a bucket or into the spray mop (lightweight and may be a little bulky for some caravan floors) that comes with one of the bigger bundles of products.

The basic set comes with four litres of cleaner, spray bottle, four microfibre cloths and four diamond cleaners. The cloths are thick and the corners have an abrasive fabric for tougher stains, while the diamond sponges work well on baked-on grime.

Price from £36.96
W uk.koh.com

8. Kitvision Venture 1080P Action camera & Action kit

Kitvision Venture 1080P Action camera

If you fancy a bash at doing something stupid like skydiving and would like to capture the moment your parachute doesn’t open so that you can relive the experience over and over again, you will need something like this.

The HD Action Camera features a wide-angle lens and a built-in microphone to capture the screams. It also has a 2in LCD display screen and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. Kitvision Action kit

The Action Kit consists of all manner of caboodle to strap the camera to pretty much anything imaginable, including your chest, bike or helmet.

The perfect gift, in fact, for any adrenaline junkie.

Price £99.99 (Kitvision Venture), £29.99 (Action kit)
W Venture 1080p camera - amazon.co.uk - £79.99 | Kitvision Action Kit - amazon.co.uk from £4.99

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