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Comanche Montana LX

THE Comanche has been around for several years, but the basic design has evolved over time, and early issues with the hinges on the lid have been addressed by beefing up the opening mechanism with reinforced metal plates at either end, and riveted hinges along the entire length.

The Montana LX is a lightweight, easy-to-erect, no-peg trailer tent in the same vein as the Combi-Camp Valley and new Trigano Alpha, offering compact accommodation for a family of four who want to move around, without the hassle of putting up an awning.

Built in Spain, in basic form, the Comanche LX offers two double beds, seating for four and a solid-floored living area, but can be fully erected in well under five minutes, with no pegging required.

The fixed trailer rack mounted on the ‘lid’ acts as a base for the living area once the unit is opened up. That rack is great for carrying extra gear, and there is additional storage space under the two double beds.

The awning attaches side-on to the opened up tent and virtually doubles the overall floor space. A generously proportioned sunroof (a £374 optional extra) further extends the available living space.

New innovations include an easy-to-access spare wheel bracket, additional ventilation for the sleeping compartments, and a neat cording system to tighten the gussets protecting the zipped seam connecting to the awning.

All-up weight is 345kg, and this and the over-length A-frame ensures the Montana is effortlessly towed behind even the most compact cars.

However, the Montana does not incorporate a kitchen, which means you need to factor in the extra weight of a stove, gas cylinder, pots and pans, etcetera, which significantly reduces the rather modest 75kg payload. A basic kitchen unit, which sits in a GRP box, can be bolted on to the A-frame, but it is a £549 option and weighs 39kg.

If the underbed storage space is filled with anything more substantial than bedding or sleeping bags, you are going to be approaching the maximum payload before you have even thought of loading up the rack with bikes or similar.

The maximum laden weight, however, can be increased to 450kg, giving around an extra 105 kilos of payload to play with.

Camping says The Montana is a great lightweight folding camper for families. However, the eye-catching price does not include a kitchen, and without the payload upgrade, you will need to keep close tabs on how much you carry on it.


Price (including awning and spare wheel) £6,843
Folded size 99cm high x 250cm long x 190cm wide (380cm including A-frame)
Erected size 237cm high x 328cm wide x 242cm long
Awning 251cm high x 360cm wide x 240cm long
Bed sizes 2 x 190cm x 121cm
Unladen weight (No Brakes) 270kg 
Laden weight (No Brakes) 500kg
Unladen weight (Brakes) 305kg 
Laden weight (Brakes) 750kg
Payload 445kg
Materials Breathable 280g/m2 cotton polyester Ten Cate tent fabric (roof 340g/m2). Steel trailer with GRP lid. AL-KO galvanized steel chassis and A-frame. Steel poles

Sleeps 4-6
Packed weight 345kg
Pitching time 5 minutes


Comanche UK
Tel 01844 215900 Web www.Comanche.biz

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