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REVIEW: No More Tea Bags


Instant tea, tea in a tin, squirty tea… call it what you like, but we’re not quite sure what the point of all this is.

No More Tea Bags is a new product that promises a "teavolution" - a liquid tea mixture in a recyclable aerosol-style can. Available in original, jasmine and Earl Grey flavours, the makers reckon it will mean the end to traditional teabags.

The fundamental problem here is that there’s actually nothing wrong with teabags as a concept, so a product that wants to consign them to the history books had better be offering something pretty special. And to be honest this doesn’t.

Yes it’s easy enough to make – you simply squirt some of the tea mixture into a mug, then pour in boiling water, stir and add milk. But how exactly does that differ from making tea with a bag? You still need a kettle, a stove and a bottle of milk and the can takes up more space than a little plastic bag filled with sachets of tea. For campers it doesn't really make much sense.

To be honest, flavour-wise, it wasn’t really for us either, although that’s maybe down to personal taste. However, the lesson from this seems to be that, just because you can do something, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Inventor Guy Woodall, explains the thinking behind his product…

“The convenience of not having to sit around and wait for your tea to brew is a major selling point, but the technology we’ve used enables us to produce a tea with what we believe is a far superior taste to an ordinary tea bag. According to research the average tea bag is brewed for just 13 seconds, which isn’t anywhere near long enough to appreciate the flavour of real tea. The tea we use in No More Tea Bags is brewed for a full five minutes such that a fuller flavour is achieved. All you have to do to get the strength or size of tea you want is add more or less NMTB as required. Whether you want a strong but small mug of tea or a weaker large mug, NMTB caters for your exact needs, producing the perfect cuppa each and every time.”

If you'd like to try No More Tea Bags for yourself visit www.nomoreteabags.com for more information.

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