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First look: Hot new camping gear for 2020


Without a doubt, the quality of the equipment you use has a big impact on how your camping trips go.

Great gear really does make a difference, whether it’s jackets, shoes, furniture, sleeping bags or cookers.

Every year there is loads of new equipment available, designed to make your camping life better, and this year is no different. Here we’ve selected some of the best new products that will be in the shops in 2020.

This is your first chance to see some of the hottest kit out there!

Outwell Padres Storage Rack L
Expect to pay £74.99
The smart two-tone fabrics and lightweight bamboo frames of the Padres range of storage furniture wouldn’t look out of place in your conservatory at home. The storage rack is a multifunctional piece of kit, that comes with three different-sized baskets for keeping your tent neat and tidy. It folds flat for transport with the top frame acting as a carry handle. The storage range also includes a basket, lidded box and laundry basket and there’s a matching collection of kitchen table units, too.

Vango Sizzle Double induction cooker
Expect to pay £110
Cooking inside your tent on a gas stove is generally not recommended. Not only does it pose a fire risk, but you face the danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Unfortunately, the great British weather means cooking outdoors is not always possible – so an electric stove like this could be the answer, as long as you have EHU, of course. The Sizzle is an induction cooker that works with any stainless-steel pans, which means the hob is never actually heated up, making it safer when inquisitive young children are around. Available in single or double, it’s specifically designed to work on campsite electrical systems.

Zempire Roco Low Rider
Expect to pay £110
Zempire’s new Roco range of camping chairs has a real touch of natural style. Durable and lightweight, the chairs have frames made from beechwood imported from Germany, combined with breathable canvas. They have a weight capacity of 150kg and come with a foldaway cup holder. The chair is also available as a lounger-style and as a more traditional, aluminium-framed camping chair – but still with the canvas seat material.

Easy Camp Pyro lantern
Expect to pay £16.99
For a little atmospheric light around your tent in the evening, there’s nothing better than a gentle, flickering candle burning. Unfortunately, using a naked flame inside a tent is not the best idea, but this is a good – and safe – alternative. The Pyro lantern has three light settings: flame light, lower flame light and still light, and all provide a cosy glow.

GP Batteries Discovery Compact Kids headtorch
Expect to pay £6.98
One of the best ways to get kids engaged with camping is to let them have their own kit, and this new lightweight headtorch is ideal for that. It comes in four vibrant colours – green, orange, pink and blue – and has three light settings, high, low and flashing. The torch can be easily removed from its soft headband and you can clip it onto clothing or bags. The 40 lumens light will light up to eight metres in front of you and the angle is adjustable. Even better is the price –  at less than £7 this is a real bargain.

Craghoppers 30L rucksack
Expect to pay £100
The new 30L rucksack from Craghoppers is perfect for a weekend walk or a business trip with plenty of space for outdoor kit and a padded sleeve for a tablet or laptop. Made from durable polyester fabric with 60% recycled materials. Anti-theft features include a security pocket with RFID protection, a cut-resistant security panel, and cafe strap. It also features  innovative tamper-proof zips – the twin zip fastener locks the bag when the zip heads come together, then only releases when the zips are slid into an inbuilt “garage”.

Outwell Dreamboat 16 sleeping mat
Expect to pay £249.99
For many campers, self-inflating mats are the best way to ensure bedtime comfort and the Dreamboat from Outwell has to be the Rolls-Royce of SIMs. The company won awards last year for the innovative technology it developed in this luxury mattress – and this year it’s even better. Already available in 7.5cm and 12cm models, a 16cm version has now been introduced and it’s as comfortable as your mattress at home. The Dreamboat’s groundbreaking design allows you to regulate body heat retention by flipping the mat over to choose between summer and winter use. It also uses 3D welded stretch polyester construction with Outwell’s twin Air Flow Control valves for quick and easy inflation and deflation.

Vango Radiate heated sleeping bag
Expect to pay £85
We all loved electric blankets back in the day. Well, this is the modern-day camping equivalent… and it’s completely safe! The innovative Radiate single sleeping bag has a built-in graphene heating element, allows you to top up the heat when connected to a power source. Compatible with any power bank, the Radiate is a deluxe three-season, 10 tog bag that will add some luxury to your camping kit with its high-quality fabric and fill, and integrated headrest.

Easy Camp Backgammon L cool bag
Expect to pay £20.99
Putting the cool into cool bag, this new offering from Easy Camp features an unusual but striking “backgammon” design. As well as looking good it has plenty of practical features. The contents will stay cool for seven hours, using an 800ml ice pack, and it has a detachable shoulder strap, a front zip pocket and a large top opening. It comes in three sizes: small, medium and large.

Coleman Performance Jug
Expect to pay £19.99
Fill it with water (or something a bit stronger) for cold drinks on tap in your tent. The new Performance Jug comes in two sizes, two-litre and 3.7-litre, and features a spout on the top, a carry handle and a small tap at the front.

Kampa Kip Highrise 15 sleeping mattress
Expect to pay £187.48 (single) £274.98 (double)
The suitably named Kip range of self-inflating mattresses from Kampa includes the new 15cm version of the Highrise, one of the thickest SIMs on the market. Available as a single or double, the super-comfortable bed features quick-flow valves for speedy inflation and  deflation, stretchy fabric, vertical side walls to prevent you rolling off if you get too close to the edge and a water-repellent coating.

Sunday Afternoons Infant Sunsprout hat
Expect to pay TBC
Modern parenting can be difficult at times, with conflicting expert messages pulling you in seemingly opposite directions. Here’s an example – on the one hand you want to get your kids outside and enjoying the outdoors, on the other there’s the ever-present danger of exposure to the sun’s rays. Obviously you need to find a way to address both issues. The Infant Sunsprout hat is made from 100% recycled materials and is UPF50+, the highest sun protection available. It’s designed with babies in mind, with a neck protector, a quick-release chinstrap and comfortable stretch fit. It is also completely crushable, making it easy to pack.

Royal Robbins Hemp travel socks
Expect to pay TBC
Founded in 1968 by climbers, Royal and Liz Robbins, Royal Robbins is a leading US outdoor and travel clothing manufacturer and retailer renowned for its commitment to sustainability. Its clothing for men and women is now available in the UK, and the 2020 range includes a brand-new collection of hemp travel socks – combining performance with sustainability. With its odour-resistant, temperature regulating and hard-wearing qualities, hemp is an inherently suitable material for travel socks, with the added advantage of being highly sustainable to produce. The new range is 51% hemp, with added spandex and yak wool, and will come in a variety of styles, including the comfy Travel Crew sock.



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