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Campingaz 2021


Highlights For 2021

  • For 2021, Campingaz is launching a lightweight, portable version of its Attitude range of portable barbecues, called the Attitude 2go CV, designed for those who don’t want to compromise their barbecue experience when camping.
  • From those trying camping for the first time this year to campsite cooking aficionados, Campingaz’s 2021 range includes a stove to suit every camper’s needs and budget.
  • Compact, space-saving designs ensure Campingaz stoves can be conveniently stored and easily transported.
  • Easy cleaning is delivered with dishwasher-safe parts and wipe-clean surfaces.
  • Precision cooking is facilitated with fully adjustable, child-safe gas knobs.
  • As always, Campingaz prioritises safety with attention to detail, including rigorous testing in and out of the factory. Additional measures are also taken to ensure cylinders and cartridges are easy to handle, efficient and most importantly safe for everyone.
  • Campingaz’s online gas finder tool ensures you can easily find fuel when you need it, at home and in Europe (once we can travel again!). 

Attitude 2go CV

Barbecue enthusiasts will rejoice at the Attitude 2go CV from Campingaz. New for 2021, this portable tabletop barbecue weighs just 13kg, making it easy to transport to your favourite camping spot, whilst delivering the same cooking performance you’d expect from Campingaz’s popular patio barbecue range.

The Attitude 2go CV runs off a Campingaz CV470 Plus cartridge, which slots securely into the integrated basket found at the back of the barbecue.

These gas cartridges are compact and lightweight for ease of transport and they can be disconnected and reconnected even when they’re not empty.

Blue Flame stainless-steel burners deliver a single row of vertical flames directly to the grilling surface and across the entire cooking area for even cooking, and the heat can be easily adjusted for complete control. The updated burner and grid design seen in the Attitude 2go CV greatly reduces flaring during cooking and a front-loading grease tray ensures easy access and cleaning.

You can tell that Campingaz has made this barbecue to last. The brand provides a five-year warranty on the enamelled cast-iron grid, which provides non-stick cooking and a 10-year warranty on the die cast aluminium lid. This features a built-in thermometer, enabling the temperature to be checked without lifting the lid.

As the burners come pre-attached and Campingaz includes the batteries for the piezo ignition, you can simply take the Attitude 2go CV out of its box, attach the gas cartridge and start cooking straight away at the press of a button.

Price From £199.99
Weight 13kg
Power 2 x 2.4kW burners
Cooking surface area 1,200cm²
Runs off CV470 Plus cartridges

Camping Cook CV
Perfect for those looking to start building their campsite kitchen or experienced campers who value quality, safety and simplicity, the Camping Cook CV, which is new for 2021, is a great choice.

Lightweight and compact for easy transportation, this low-profile, two-burner stove has a wide base with rubber feet for stability and to prevent the stove (and your dinner!) slipping on wet or uneven surfaces. The new Camping Cook CV features enamelled steel, removable pan supports for easy cleaning and operates off Campingaz CV Plus cartridges for portability. This also makes sourcing gas easy as Campingaz gas cartridges are readily available throughout the UK and Europe.

Designed to deliver quality and with safety highly prioritised throughout the design process, its push and turn knobs allow for better power control and provide reassurance that the stove has been correctly turned off.

Price £44.99
Weight 1.9kg
Boil time 6mins 45s
Power 2 x 1,800W burners
Runs off CV470 Plus cartridges

Party Grill 600 Compact

The new Party Grill 600 Compact is the latest offering to join Campingaz’s popular range of Party Grill stoves. Based on the Party Grill 600, it provides the same cooking height and versatility as its predecessor but without the lid. This makes for a smaller pack size and means you save some money, making it ideal for those who need to maximise packing space but don’t want to compromise on their meals when on the campsite.

A reversible grid/plancha plate, large pan support, heat shield and barbecue grid allow you to cook a variety of dishes with ease. The structure provides outstanding stability and convenience, and the piezo ignition lights at the push of a button.

When you’ve finished cooking, it’s really easy to clean. Simply tip away the grease that has collected in the water compartment and either allow the dishwasher to clean the cooking surfaces when you get home or wipe them over with a sponge and some hot, soapy water. 

Price  £169.99
Weight 9.5kg
Boil time 3mins 50s
Power 4,000W
Runs off Campingaz R907/R904 or butane/propane cylinders


The Courtyard, Wraxhall Hill, Wraxhall, Bristol BS48 1NA
01275 845024





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