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Avondale Dart 630-6


Key Features

  • Model Year : 2007
  • Class : Twin Axle
  • MTPLM (kg) : 1450
  • Max Width (m) : 2.09
  • Internal Length (m) : 6.30
  • External Height (m) : 2.56
  • Berths : 6
  • MRO (kg) : 1231
  • Shipping Length (m) : 7.76


Model Year
Twin Axle
MTPLM (kg)
Max Width (m)
Caravan Test Date
End Kitchen
External Height (m)
Fixed Singles/Bunks
Island Double
MRO (kg)
Shipping Length (m)
End Washroom
Triple Bunks
Back & Front Dinette
Side Dinette
Caravan Buyer Test Date
Price From (£)


AVONDALE’S Dart 630-6 is the latest of a new generation of twin-axles, competing almost head-on with Swift Group’s Sprite Quattro and Abbey Vogue twin-axles with a big rear washroom six-berth layout.

Blessed with a wonderful washroom, this set-up is ideal for families who want to get away to quieter sites which may not have the full compliment of facilities.

At bedtime, there’s ample room to shower the sprogs two by two if necessary, and all four can be safely tucked up in their bunks and curtained off while mum and dad kick back and relax in a big, comfortable front lounge before turning in for the night.

The reality of this new generation of six-berth caravans will, in the main be used by families of four, looking for extra room - and a spare dinette to feed the kids at breakfast without first having to break up one or more of the beds.

caravan interior - Avondale Dart 630-6

Equally importantly, with an MTPLM of 1500kg, the Dart can be towed by a family estate car or MPV.

The lounge is a fine place for four to lounge, but six would be a squeeze and dining together almost impossible.

If it achieves nothing else, the 630-6 should emphatically establish the Dart range as a brand in its own right and not simply a lighter weight version of the Argente.

It sends out a clear message that Avondale is serious about the family market and has the products to appeal to it.

But its dimensions highlight one of its biggest failings: at just 6ft 10in wide, it’s the narrowest contender in this class and so the extra space afforded by the long twin-axle body isn’t as dramatic as in some of its competitors.

This means the eye-level lockers are pretty shallow and storage space - especially for six - is pretty compromised. However, if your driveway is only 7ft wide, the Dart is quite possibly the perfect solution!

On the plus side, it has arguably the best washroom in its class and feels somewhat more special than the stripped out and spartan Sprite Quattro - although the layout isn’t as flexible.

In the Dart 630-6, Avondale has produced a fine, family-orientated caravan which deserves to reconnect the manufacturer with a younger audience upon which it turned its back with the demise of the short-lived radical, but brave, Bianco range.

caravan kitchen - avondale dart 630-6


Price from: £12,395
Price as tested: £13,250 (includes spare wheel £115, alloy wheels £500, radio/CD £195)
Berths: 6
MRO: 1231kg
MTPLM: 1500kg (upgraded from 1450kg - no cost option)
Shipping length: 7.76m
Internal length: 6.30m
External width: 2.08m (6ft 10in)
External height: 2.56m
Bed sizes: Front double 1.98m x 1.82m (6ft 6in x 5ft 11in) or two singles 1.82m x 0.70m (5ft 11in x 2ft 4in); lower dinette bunk1.82m x 0.63m (5ft 11in x 2ft 1in); upper dinette bunk 1.75m x 0.54m (5ft 9in x 1ft 9in); two fixed bunks 1.82m x 0.63m (5ft 11in x 2ft 1in)

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