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Top tips for a stress-free festival weekend this summer - plus our list of...

VANGO SKYE V600 - Long term test

VANGO SKYE V600 - A great family tent for a long holiday

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  • Tent for sale. Coleman Phad...

    Want to sell my Phad 3 'cos i want something that is taller. Keep ending up with a bad back when i go camping now i've reached senior status! Pretty well perfect condition as it's had very little use. It's proved very capable in all weathers and there is no damage or broken bits at all. Looks...

    Posted: 28 Jun 2015

  • How to choose tent

    Just 3 ? anything else ?

    Posted: 25 Jun 2015

  • Sleeping bag reviews and...

    I know a good sleeping bag supplier, they can help you , good luck

    Posted: 24 Jun 2015

  • slippery sleeping bags with...

    [QUOTE]outcats - 2015-06-23 8:17 AM I find a few strips of black wrap tape help[/QUOTE] good idea,thank you

    Posted: 24 Jun 2015

  • Renting a tent / camping...

    Hi, Does anyone know of any companies that rent tents and / or camping equipment in Spain. Going to Santander in August and fancy camping out, but no chance of taking stuff with Ryan Air 8-) Web searches have turned up zilch! thanks

    Posted: 19 Jun 2015

  • Vango anteus 600

    Just purchased a vango anteus 600, first ever tunnel tent. Any tips on best and quickest way of putting this tent up. PROFILE PM Any tips on the best way to put up a Vango anteus 600. It's our first tunnel tent and I'm keen to know what's the easiest and quickest way to put this tent...

    Posted: 13 Jun 2015

  • The Ten People You Always...

    this post is so true i think we have most of them LOL Andy

    Posted: 31 May 2015

  • Campsite near Nottingham

    I would do some googling and see what's on offer, I have never camped in that area, I stick to the Lakes myself

    Posted: 25 May 2015

  • consumer preference on a new...

    Hi all! This is my first posting on this forum. I'm conducting survey on our new type of tent to consumers. We invented a new type of camping house which has advantages of both tents’ convenience and caravans’ durability. Before it launch in European market, we want to share European...

    Posted: 27 Apr 2015

  • Any recommendations for a...

    We are a family of 5 and our kids are 7, 4 and 2. We are embarking on our first camping adventure and are complete novices. Can anyone recommend an excellent campsite with kids facilities please. We are thinking of breaking our journey from the UK in France overnight. Can anyone recommend some...

    Posted: 21 Apr 2015

  • £200 for a tent. Please help!

    I have around £200 for a new tent, but am completely lost. I've spent hours watching and reading reviews but am no closer to a choice. I will be using the tent for a bit of wild camping with my son, nothing to extreme. May also be using it for a motorbike tour a couple of times in the summer. I'm...

    Posted: 03 Mar 2015

  • Wrought iron camping...

    I'm not really in a position to ' advise ' on current camping gear. After 40 odd years of camping I went soft and bought a motorhome, some years ago now, so I'm not up to date with camping gear. In my day barbecues on sites were for wimps - but look how many there are now ! Looks like you...

    Posted: 03 Mar 2015

  • Any good recommendations on...

    Hi there, I'm doing a tour in August, wither with my tent or a camper if I can use a friends and wondered if anyone had some good recommendations of where to head and must see campsites?! I'm going for three weeks and up for a bit of adventure!

    Posted: 26 Feb 2015

  • Useless camping kit

    penknife is useful. --------------------------- [url=]coque google nexus 9[/url] [url=]coque LG G3[/url]

    Posted: 19 Jan 2015

  • hi all from Italy

    Hello ad welcome to this forum, Which give you lots of knowledge,perspective and quality and useful conversation on each and every subject.

    Posted: 09 Jan 2015


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