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Beautiful Kielder Water and Forest Park

Top events in May 2014 at Kielder

The remote wilderness of Kielder Water and Forest Park is a real magnet for...

Coleman Galileo 8

Great value, large family tent that provides plenty of living space and lots of...

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  • Walking Boots??

    ... for those who are interested, I would recommend Sports Direct. This is where I got my son's for Xmas and not so dear if you go through this site here -

    Posted: 30 Jan 2014

  • The Ten People You Always...

    Came across this reading TourerTrader's blog and it made me giggle. So true! Give it a read. money back guarantee if you don't lol. srs. [url][/url]

    Posted: 13 Nov 2013

  • Winter camping

    [QUOTE]1footinthegrave - 2013-11-04 4:58 PM I don't do cold, period.[/QUOTE] Perhaps you should put a shirt on , (in you pic) Mike I don't do cold either, this is an old post. I do wonder if new posters look at the date?? Same thing happens on another site that I use. (Not...

    Posted: 04 Nov 2013

  • On-site entertainment

    Chatting....people watching......watching the antics of tuggers putting up awnings/washing lines/sat dish or tv aerial etc/drinking/chatting/reading and music.

    Posted: 22 Oct 2013

  • Camping advice

    Hello, Pack all necessary thing which need in the camping, make a list and pick one by one thing according to your list and check list weather your all necessities is done or mot. Thank you.

    Posted: 22 Oct 2013

  • Tent material

    Hello, I will prefer Cotton, because tent which are made from cotton is of best quality tent and provide best service. Thank you.

    Posted: 18 Oct 2013

  • Glamping...

    Hello, Glamping is a form of camping but in luxurious and comfortable way. Thank you.

    Posted: 17 Oct 2013

  • hi

    Hello, I am also new to this forum, and its great to join you all. Thank you.

    Posted: 17 Oct 2013

  • Which Tent? Wild Country...

    Hello, I have described here about Wild Country Coshee 2 :- It has these features like :- 1)Easy to install and disassemble 2)Provide reliability because of Wild Country Superflex alloy poles 3)Have Waterproof feature 4)It is of lightweight and wedge style Thank you.

    Posted: 17 Oct 2013

  • Which tent

    Hello, Highland Trail Ohio is best for you.

    Posted: 17 Oct 2013

  • Which Tent?

    Hello, You can go with Coleman Libra X2 tent. Thank you :-D

    Posted: 17 Oct 2013

  • Canvas Tent

    Hey there... if you are still looking for a canvas tent - we are actually building those - in the UK. Have a look at and If you can´t find the canvas tent you are looking for - just contact us with your idea of a design, as made to order canvas...

    Posted: 26 Sep 2013

  • Next purchase

    Lots of watches in my drawer at home, stopped wearing one when I retired, spent 40 odd years being a slave to the bloody things ;-)

    Posted: 19 Aug 2013

  • Keeping warm...

    Ah the sweet and romantic time of sleeping in a tent. I still like to do so with my wife once in a while. Nice and cozy. For short trips we still like to take the tent with us because it's still fun and easy. Perfect solution for an impulsive holiday. But only when the weather is decent however,...

    Posted: 19 Aug 2013

  • Dogs and camping

    This thread was started four and a half YEARS ago. How long do threads stay on line?? PJay

    Posted: 11 Jul 2013


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