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Adria Adora Rhine – caravan review

The Adria Adora Rhine is a great-value caravan for a family of six. This is one...

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  • Volvo towbar

    Malcolm, As you haven't had any other offers of help here is my suggestion, try approaching one of the MH towbar manufacturers such as TowTal or PWS and ask if they'll make you up a towbar. To the best of my knowledge you do not need an e marked or type approved towbar on a 1992 car. Keith.

    Posted: 18 Apr 2014

  • Loads of stuff for sale!!!!

    [QUOTE]Mel B - 2014-04-15 10:39 PM Not that I'm aware of, however you can get a converter so that you can use the cheaper dumpy pierceable cylinders instead of the screw ones, you can also get one to convert the really cheap 'aerosol' type cylinders to a screw type too.[/QUOTE] Thanks for the...

    Posted: 16 Apr 2014

  • Meerkat starts a caravan...

    Very good! No beards on my stag beetles tho' 8-)

    Posted: 03 Apr 2014

  • water

    Good of you to post that its solved. B-)

    Posted: 29 Mar 2014

  • Attention all subscribers!

    If you subscribe to MMM, Caravan or Which Motorhome magazines, remember to bring your free pair of tickets to our Great Yorkshire Motorhome & Caravan Sale in Harrogate from 9.30am tomorrow!This will be an A4 insert which was included in your April issue of the magazines. Don't subscribe? You...

    Posted: 27 Mar 2014

  • Yorkshire's biggest motorhome...

    If you haven't booked tickets for the Great Yorkshire Motorhome & Caravan Sale in Harrogate on 28-30 March you can still join us and pay on arrival. Entry is just £6.50! Yorkshire's biggest motorhome and caravan sale returns for its second year with another superb choice of new and used...

    Posted: 21 Mar 2014

  • Which Security Device?

    Hi Josie. Sideways is good put down corner struts and remove the jockey wheel assembly it's only one bolt it makes life just a bit more difficult for the tea leaves. John

    Posted: 17 Mar 2014

  • 2014 Compass Rallye 634 and...

    Can not help with your problem however we are due to collect our crusader cyclone next saturday , I will be taking my noseweight gauge. Good luck in your decision Watto

    Posted: 15 Mar 2014

  • hi new on here

    hi zac i had a long wheelbase 2.5 so im thinking at getting the same one as you im taking my time looking the ones ive seen not been very good and the good ones they want loads a money so im carry on with the merc for the time being it pulls the van like a train up and down hills great and 32.mpg...

    Posted: 10 Mar 2014

  • campsite loos - are they...

    Hi, We use the site facilities all the time, winter and summer, so the quality of the loo's and showers are very important to us, even though we have our own. We only use our own on-board facilities when we are on Aires etc. I actually think they are about 40% of what you pay for, so I...

    Posted: 05 Mar 2014

  • Trials and Tribulations of a...

    [QUOTE]pelmetman - 2014-02-20 8:35 AM Never mind Dave ;-)..................think of the money you've saved :D........[/QUOTE] True, it will pay for the liniment. They keep saying you are as young as you feel, and today I feel absolutely ancient. Never mind the temp is rising in Spain and...

    Posted: 20 Feb 2014

  • 4berth caravan with fixed bed...

    There will be 1000's of caravans up for sale at dealers at this time of year. Did you have a particular make in mind? Or a certain layout? If you can narrow it down a bit, you should be able to search online and find something suitable. Have you checked the caravans for sale on this site? There are...

    Posted: 15 Feb 2014

  • My newest baby!!

    It looks really cute Josie should give long service and great fun. Trying once again to load pic. of Wren you asked but it may not work. John (didn't)

    Posted: 13 Feb 2014

  • Leisure battery

    [QUOTE]Dave225 - 2014-02-12 7:21 PM ...My point is that if the OP is merely looking to keep the alarm powered then a small’ish normal battery will do the job, and may be a cheap solution. If however he wishes to have full ‘bells and whistles’ supply then of course a full blown heavy duty leisure...

    Posted: 13 Feb 2014

  • TV Aerials

    Thats great, thanks a lot. Just got another little caravan, so will need an aerial that we can use on both. We have a ladder on our campervan that we should be able to attach a pole to and the caravan appears to have some small brackets that look as if that is what they were used for. Thanks again...

    Posted: 11 Feb 2014


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