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Bailey Coachman Sprite Sterling Swift

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Beachy Head

The top 10 coastal campsites

An assortment of great campsites around the coastline of the UK

Sprite Major 4 SB - caravan review

The new-for-2015 Sprite Major 4 SB is the lowest-priced transverse island bed...

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  • soggy backside

    Cheers for all your advice and input pepe. Visible difference in height of ball and wheel arch. I am pretty sure it will be a vast improvement and only forty quid and fifteen mins to fit. Ps Ordered from wilco via amazon excellent service del next day.

    Posted: 27 Mar 2015

  • marquis dorset and...

    My post has also been pulled it was short and to the point, yet for weeks some people post argumentative and contentious posts sometimes very long and insulting and they are allowed.

    Posted: 24 Mar 2015

  • canvas front covers for a...

    We have used a towing cover for the last 4 years basically from when after our first few trips out we found a stone chip. It is a Protec and when we changed our van in July 14 the same cover fits well enough. We dont leave it on when parked (storage) at home but wouldnt tow without it. Great to...

    Posted: 05 Mar 2015

  • Problem with Carver heating...

    Hi. Can anyone help with some advice? The heating system in our 1998 Sterling Voyager is not working correctly. It has a Carver Fanmaster Wall Switch for the control. When put in elec auto mode it blows only cold, revving up and down. When put in elec slow, just blows cold but maintains the speed....

    Posted: 02 Mar 2015

  • Need help with trasnporting...

    [QUOTE]Marty79 - 2015-03-02 1:54 PM Hello My friend bought a caravan from Nothern Ireland and wants to bring back to East London. Caravan is after the fire from electrics so non runner. Tried to find some companies who can transport but nobody is taking the beast like that , offcourse some...

    Posted: 02 Mar 2015

  • TV show looking for senior...

    Hello My name is Lucie and I am working on an ITV documentary about Britain's oldest drivers. I would love to find the oldest driver of a caravan or motorhome, and wondered if anyone might know of anyone in their late 80s / 90s or even 100 years old and over! Please do email me if you...

    Posted: 26 Feb 2015

  • cobra 4908

    At we stock a range of vehicle GPS tracking systems at excellent prices. Please contact us if you require more information. B-)

    Posted: 19 Feb 2015

  • NEC show Camp Chx

    Hi Just got back from the NEC, used the voucher in the Caravan mag, which got us both in for £9:50.. Bought 2 nice relax chairs for £49 and if anyone uses the Camping Cheques they are selling the book and map for £1 instead of £6.. Enjoyable day but we do live locally so was able to use the...

    Posted: 17 Feb 2015

  • Open all year sites France

    [QUOTE]Dave225 - 2015-02-15 8:11 PM Sorry, not off hand but have you looked at the ACSI and Camping Cheque books as they list sites open all year. Of course one option is to just book a cheapie hotel and dump van in the car park. Yes, a bit more expensive but for 1 night is it that big a...

    Posted: 15 Feb 2015

  • Full timing in a caravan....

    I would tend to agree with the comments re not doing it. To my mind it is going down a slippery slope with no exit. Yes, things can look real bad but that is going to make it a lot worse. For a start getting work will be difficult as you do not have a recognised address, secondly getting any...

    Posted: 15 Feb 2015

  • Caravan Oven & Carpet...

    Good afternoon, I have a cleaning business based in Essex and would like to get the views of the caravan community. Would any of you consider using a professional oven and carpet cleaning company to clean your these items in your caravan at the end of the season or at the start of the new...

    Posted: 07 Feb 2015

  • Spring Showgoer

    Copies of our Spring issue of Showgoer should be landing on your doormats this week - Plan your 2015 and book now! If you can't wait for the postman - download it now!...

    Posted: 02 Feb 2015

  • towing electrics

    Thanks for these infos !!!

    Posted: 27 Jan 2015

  • Paris

    Well, we went to Paris for Christmas and New Year. Eventful to say the least. Dislocated right wrist, bruised left arm caught in Metro door and swiped across the face by fellow camper (accidental)! But for those of you thinking of going : The camp site at Bois de Boulogne in Paris is...

    Posted: 18 Jan 2015

  • Happy new Year guys

    I just came back from my holidays of new year and feeling so fresh and energetic, It's amazing to travel Rome an ancient place. So sorry for late but happy new year and hope this year brings all of people lots happiness and their wishes comes true in this year.

    Posted: 17 Jan 2015


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