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Bailey Coachman Sprite Sterling Swift

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Wells Holiday Park is a high-quality, adults only site

Wells Holiday Park campsite review

A high-quality, adults only campsite within walking distance of historic Wells

Bailey Pursuit 550-4 - caravan review

The Bailey Pursuit 550-4 caravan is a twin-bed tourer for tall caravanners,...

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  • solar panels

    In order to begin to use solar energy at home, seek out locations that may be very easily changed. You might want to begin with small kitchen appliances, so you don't have lots of disruption with your daily routine. It is possible to turn slowly, which...

    Posted: 24 Oct 2014

  • Enduro Motor Mover

    You seem to have been sold a bit of a pup unfortunately hope you can eventually get it sorted these things are not cheap. I don't have to use one myself but if I needed to the one with caterpillar tracks that fits under the jockey wheel looks like it should work. John :-S

    Posted: 13 Oct 2014

  • canvas front covers for a...

    as my 'van is filthy on the front,am wondering if fitting a front cover while travelling,or even in storage,is a worthwhile proposition.can anyone who uses one give feedback on this issue?many thanks,JS

    Posted: 13 Oct 2014

  • Freedom Twinsport caravan

    I too have a Freedom, but its a 2013 sunseeker. I love our little van. I didn't like the seat covers, so am waiting for some to be made up in a real modern fabric. We have had no problems at all, and are enjoying lots of trips away. i would recommend them. Cosy, warm, easy to tow!

    Posted: 01 Oct 2014

  • What gadget can't you live...

    Hi newbe on here :-D , our gadget is a folding solar panel 120 wt cos we love British Caravan Club meets. And all other club meets and THS / ralies .

    Posted: 30 Sep 2014

  • Avondale Mayfly

    Pleased to hear you have managed to get replacement bits! It probably has years of life in it yet!

    Posted: 28 Sep 2014

  • Chateau Mobile owner in...

    Sounds fabulous, got any photos?

    Posted: 28 Sep 2014

  • 12v Socket Wiring

    Thank you very much for your information and links Derek. It has convinced me to connect the 12v/aerial socket direct to the battery. I've been and bought an in line blade fuse holder, now I've just got to pluck up the courage to drill a 2" dia hole in the wardrobe wall. It will be a case of...

    Posted: 26 Sep 2014

  • Dometic fridge

    Maybe you need to replace it. It is dangerous for you to operate such defective fridge. However, there are some groups of companies that numerous individuals have been waiting for the [url=]Consumer Financial Protection Bureau[/url] to get under control. Perhaps the...

    Posted: 22 Sep 2014

  • Tyre presure

    Thanks john, son in law managed to contact the dealer he bought it from and was advised  to run at 50 psi its a 1300kg caravan, but thank you for your response,safe journeys....

    Posted: 16 Aug 2014

  • buying hobby or fendt

    Anesta if you google and phone hobby uk who are in Derbyshire I am sure they will be able to answer your questions

    Posted: 14 Aug 2014

  • A30 Cornwall

    Thanks Tracker over the moor dual becomes single carriageway causing hold ups on August Saturdays just looking for alternative but apparently non suitable. Patience reduces stress.

    Posted: 11 Aug 2014

  • Broken Shower Tray

    Google speedcoat NOT cheap but get 10 year warranty from memory

    Posted: 03 Aug 2014

  • automatic towcars

    We have a Skoda Octavia 2.0 140 bhp with DSG box. Solo can get up to 65/70 mpg on a 50 mile run, on the 55600 miles we have done solo and towing including abroad my log is average 43 mpg. I would not expect a manuel box to do better in same circumstances.

    Posted: 30 Jul 2014

  • installing LED bulbs to my...

    The types of downlighters fitted to leisure-vehicles come in a wide variety of designs and it’s often far from obvious how they come apart. A photo of the lights fitted to your caravan would be helpful, but there’s still no guarantee that a forum member will be familiar with that design of light...

    Posted: 28 Jul 2014


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