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Bailey Coachman Sprite Sterling Swift

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Can you go on a caravan holiday with a newborn baby?

"He’s four-weeks old, we’re completely knackered – let’s get away from it all...

Coachman VIP 575/4 - caravan review

The Coachman VIP 575 caravan is one of three new transverse island bed caravans...

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  • What gadget can't you live...

    OK not a gadget but my dog.  Went without her one year and I really missed her (although taking her really limits what we can do).My double skillet, use it for pretty well every cooked meal.My kindle, I'd have to take so many books we wouldn't have room for anything else.The bike, our first french...

    Posted: 25 Aug 2014

  • Dometic fridge

    Hi I have a dometic rm 7371 L in my 2007 caravan I have a problem with the fridge on gas you turn the knob it clicks then lights and stops clicking but then the light starts flashing the flame doesn't go out but the light flashes all the time after about an hour it starts clicking light s then...

    Posted: 18 Aug 2014

  • Avondale Mayfly

    Hello every one. Are there any Avondale Mayfly owners out there? If I would like to chat regarding the Mayfly. We have had ours for 5 years now (it is a 1998 model) it came with a 1998 motor mover, the one with the handset attached with a wire. Two months ago the mover packed in and after a...

    Posted: 17 Aug 2014

  • Tyre presure

    Thanks john, son in law managed to contact the dealer he bought it from and was advised  to run at 50 psi its a 1300kg caravan, but thank you for your response,safe journeys....

    Posted: 16 Aug 2014

  • buying hobby or fendt

    Anesta if you google and phone hobby uk who are in Derbyshire I am sure they will be able to answer your questions

    Posted: 14 Aug 2014

  • A30 Cornwall

    Thanks Tracker over the moor dual becomes single carriageway causing hold ups on August Saturdays just looking for alternative but apparently non suitable. Patience reduces stress.

    Posted: 11 Aug 2014

  • Broken Shower Tray

    Google speedcoat NOT cheap but get 10 year warranty from memory

    Posted: 03 Aug 2014

  • automatic towcars

    We have a Skoda Octavia 2.0 140 bhp with DSG box. Solo can get up to 65/70 mpg on a 50 mile run, on the 55600 miles we have done solo and towing including abroad my log is average 43 mpg. I would not expect a manuel box to do better in same circumstances.

    Posted: 30 Jul 2014

  • installing LED bulbs to my...

    The types of downlighters fitted to leisure-vehicles come in a wide variety of designs and it’s often far from obvious how they come apart. A photo of the lights fitted to your caravan would be helpful, but there’s still no guarantee that a forum member will be familiar with that design of light...

    Posted: 28 Jul 2014

  • cranham caravan warranty...

    We purchased our caravan from cranham caravans a year ago. Since buying the caravan we have used it once for a 2 hour journey the rest of the time it has been sitting in our front garden. We are going on a long holiday in the caravan in a few weeks so decided as it was under warranty to put the...

    Posted: 25 Jul 2014

  • freedom door

    There's a lot of illegal campers and caravans on the road if it is :D...................As for pitching it will depend on the site chosen, CC sites tend to be more regimented :-|................but in general most people pitch with their door on the opposite side from their neighbours, in order...

    Posted: 23 Jul 2014

  • 12v fridge

    That would be the first place I would look too! There may well be two or three relays with fuses and several contacts just under the edge of the bonnet and they are well placed to get all the crud and water from the road thrown up at them as the years pass so to check the fuses and all the...

    Posted: 22 Jul 2014

  • where to start

    Hi Martyn and welcome to the madhouse where things are never quite what they seem and every question is often answered by more questions before a reply can be given! Have you considered hiring a caravan first to get an idea what layout works or does not work well for you and your tribe, and how...

    Posted: 14 Jul 2014

  • Swap

    Hi all, I would like to swop my awning as it's from my last caravan a L.M.C Lord , the awning is all weather ,, year awning size 6.7 mts x 3.4 wide, also comes with a attachable kitchen tent, includes all poles and curtains, only used for 8 month, now sold van and bought a avondale wenlock, so I am...

    Posted: 07 Jul 2014

  • towing car

    [QUOTE]candapack - 2014-07-04 6:11 PM Well I would say that if 1168 is the kerb weight of the car, and 1100 is the MTPLM of the van, and you have towed before, and Ford's Max. towing limit for the car is 1100 kg or more, you should be OK. Good luck and enjoy.[/QUOTE] What I should also have...

    Posted: 04 Jul 2014


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