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  • campsite loos - are they...

    Indeed :)

    Posted: 18 Dec 2014

  • towing electrics

    [QUOTE]Grandad Mick - 2012-02-21 6:21 PM (!) Hi I am getting a new vechical at the end of April so I am wanting a tow bar and electrics,I have been it contact with my local fitter which I have used for the past three vechicals. but I noticed on an ebay shop a 13 pin socket to a 2 x 7pin...

    Posted: 13 Dec 2014

  • audi a4 tow bar help please

    [QUOTE]ashpotter1991 - 2013-10-20 9:31 PM I have just purchased a audi a4 avant 2003 and its got the bracket and electrics taped up but no tow ball ect can anyone tell me what type I need[/QUOTE] Looks like you are requiring a Fixed Swan Neck design for this. and are...

    Posted: 13 Dec 2014

  • Volvo towbar

    [QUOTE]knight of the road - 2014-04-17 1:18 AM A month or so ago we bought a beautiful Volvo estate car ideal for the work we want it for, but are having much difficulty in getting a towbar for it due to being 22 years old, went to a well known towbar and caravan fitting company in the Bury area...

    Posted: 13 Dec 2014

  • What tow bar

    [QUOTE]Fidlock - 2014-11-09 6:04 PM I intend to buy our first van and need to get a tow bar fitted to our Land Rover Freelander. I would appreciate any thoughts.[/QUOTE] If you are looking for towbar to be fitted and supplied with different options to choose, all at great prices you can...

    Posted: 13 Dec 2014

  • bike racks

    If your looking for advice, please give us a ring for any help on this, and we can see what your needs are. Regards, ...

    Posted: 13 Dec 2014

  • Towing Weights

    Just joined, today, so, hopefully, I can help a little with this one. Towing legislation has tightened up a lot in recent years, which means we are much more restricted in terms of what we are legally allowed to tow. For example; I passed my test before 1 January 1997, so I can tow up to...

    Posted: 24 Nov 2014

  • bike racks

    Hiall, I wonder if anybody can help please. I am considering having a bike rack fitted to the A frame of a caravan, I have seen them advertised on the web,but would love to hear from anybody who has actually used one of these racks. I would espscially like to know of and pro's and con's. / is it...

    Posted: 20 Nov 2014

  • Paris

    thanks for your comments - as long as it doesn't rain, we can handle the cold (minus 8 in Devon last year) Looking forward to it.

    Posted: 13 Nov 2014

  • Interior dimensions

    I'm looking for our first caravan. We want a two berth tourer, and will be buying an older van. Can anyone direct me to a web site that lists the dimensions of older vans, things like the size of bed, and shower size etc. I only seem to be able to find details of newer vans that are beyond our...

    Posted: 09 Nov 2014

  • motor mover to fit Rapido...

    My Rapido Club 31T has an Alko chassis which is only 150 mm deep. Does anyone know of a motor mover which will fit, without spacers between the chassis rails and the mover cross bar?

    Posted: 05 Nov 2014

  • Caravan Awning - Pole verses...

    Hi Colette, My wife and I always ended up arguing when putting up pole Awnings (We still have 3 in the Garage) so when we bought our new van during the summer decided to try a Vango VARKALA 420 and to be honest best money we've ever spent on a awning, Easy to put up and take down, Pegging out...

    Posted: 31 Oct 2014

  • 5wheeler

    hi eneyone please help me need to move my 5 wheeler from north wales will pay many thanksps im in wigan uk

    Posted: 31 Oct 2014

  • fifth wheelers

    hi done both got 5 wheeler had moter home 6beh hamar 30footer :-D

    Posted: 31 Oct 2014

  • towing car

    [QUOTE]candapack - 2014-07-04 6:11 PM Well I would say that if 1168 is the kerb weight of the car, and 1100 is the MTPLM of the van, and you have towed before, and Ford's Max. towing limit for the car is 1100 kg or more, you should be OK. Good luck and enjoy.[/QUOTE] Hello frd ! My Ford is...

    Posted: 29 Oct 2014


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