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Bailey Coachman Sprite Sterling Swift

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Bailey Unicorn Cadiz

The twin-bed Bailey Unicorn Cadiz is a trend-setting tourer, with in-built tyre...

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  • BMW X3 2ltr, Automatic

    I'm considering buying an X3 to tow our Bailey Unicorn Cadiz (maximum loaded weight of 1491kg) and wondered if any forum members used this model car and what were their views on its suitability as a tow vehicle. Regards

    Posted: 21 Jul 2015

  • towing electrics

    Helpful information !

    Posted: 01 Jul 2015

  • Towing law clarification

    Towing law has changed three times, here's a breakdown in easy mode for people to understand. If you have any questions then please email me direct on Car driving test passed before 1st January 1997 If you passed your car test before 1 January 1997 you...

    Posted: 18 Jun 2015

  • Best awning groundsheet...

    We've just bought a second hand awning for our new (to us) van, but it doesn't come with a groundsheet. I've managed to source what looks like a suitably-sized groundsheet and we already have a tent carpet that will fit (ish). I'm a bit concerned that the groundsheet could be damaged by stones on...

    Posted: 14 Jun 2015

  • Traumatic heater

    We have just bought a 2009 Elddis crusader super cyclone when we have our heater on gas it works perfect but when we put it on electric it comes on for about an hour then it cuts off any ideas please xx

    Posted: 13 Jun 2015

  • awning rail

    Unfortunately it is not the awning rail height you will need to know. What you need is the total length of the awning rail around the van, plus the distance from the bottom of the rail to the ground at each end. This total length in centimeters will allow you to see what is the correct size of...

    Posted: 12 Jun 2015

  • Campsites and technology

    Abroad, where I am at present, the smartphone is even more useful than at home - for weather forecasts, searching for things (I needed some 20mm sink drain hose last week) and texting/phoning home - all free now that the Three networkhave developed their "at home" system which allows use of your...

    Posted: 07 Jun 2015

  • Towing Weights

    A little confusion here between a simple recommendation for inexperienced drivers and the max weight the vehicle can pull from a standing start on a 1 in 10 slope. The former has regard to caravan stability at legal speeds and the ability to stop on a downhill gradient. The latter makes no...

    Posted: 05 Jun 2015

  • Nose weight on Xplore 304

    Also had the same problem with the max noseweight of 70 kg on my car, and getting a gauge reading of just over 90 kg, so to alleviate the problem took out the 2 calor bottles and put in one x calorlight propane also making sure nothing else was left in the front locker, have got noseweight down to...

    Posted: 06 May 2015


    We own a caravan. Since we don't live in Europe we keep in the last 2 years in the Netherlands and now would like to look for a place were we can keep it in Germany (best not too far from Farnkfurt) Can you assist us with locating such places? It could be either a storage place or a pitch to...

    Posted: 03 May 2015

  • 5wheeler

    Hi Ming,Can you please share with community how you have moved your 5 wheeler? ...

    Posted: 27 Apr 2015

  • Water storage

    I've recently bought a 2000 Elldis Aurora caravan and am wondering what is the story with water storage? Is there somewhere best to buy a storage tank/ container?

    Posted: 23 Apr 2015

  • Caravan Awning - Pole verses...

    [QUOTE]Les Medes - 2015-04-14 8:27 AM I am interested in the Kampa Air Pro, can anyone tell me if this awning has metal upright poles against the van or is there another "tube or beams" or nothing at all[/QUOTE] Hi Les, we are presently using our Kampa Air for the first time and it seems great...

    Posted: 16 Apr 2015

  • soggy backside

    Indeed it did pepe. Many thanks for your input greatly appreciated my friend.

    Posted: 14 Apr 2015

  • New Caravan Show!

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    Posted: 13 Apr 2015


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