Campervan - March 2019

Campervan - March 2019 ...

On Sale: 21 Feb 2019

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Packed into the March 2019 issue of Campervan:


  • Hillside Dalbury - A delightfully dinky Nissan-based campervan for two
  • Auto-Trail V-Line 634 SE - Possibly the coolest campervan on the beach
  • Wee Camper Co VW Caddy - Campervan or campercar? We take a closer look
  • Eura Mobil Activa One 570 HS - A compact motorhome to rival large campervans
  • Hire - Australia's Big Lap in a Wicked Campers Suzuki APV


  • Mont Blanc - Judy and Duncan take a hike up a giant mountain
  • Community - Out and about in your campervans, enjoying the vanlife
  • Finland - A delighted two-year-old meets Santa and some reindeers
  • Destination of the month - Find out why Kent is perfect for visiting in a campervan
  • Kent sites - Awesome campsites for exploring the Garden of England
  • Argyll - Felicity Martin is as happy as the day is long in Scotland
  • Early season sites - Perfect sites for enjoying an out-of-season break
  • Events and competitions - Be inspired to get out and do some camping this month

Your Campervans

  • Wellhouse Ford Terrier Lux XL - Linda Field explains how she's fully winterised her camper

Our Campervans

  • VW T25 - The Editor heads out for some wild winter camping
  • Benimar Benivan 122 - So good he went there twice. Martin Dorey is still in Ireland
  • Auto-Sleeper Duetto - Hazel Hutchinson has a ding-dong with the satnav

In The Know

  • Registering a camper - How to register a 'motor caravan' with the DVLA
  • Insurance - Top tips for getting the right insurance policy
  • Accessories - The latest campervan gadgets put to the test

And much , much more!