Campervan - Issue 16, 2019

Campervan - Issue 16, 2019 ...

On Sale: 27 Sep 2018

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Packed into Campervan - Issue 16, 2018:


  • Leisuredrive Artesano Crafter - Bolton-based converter goes large with a clever Crafter build
  • The Wee Camper Co Trafic - Meet a smooth-driving campervan with bags of Scottish style
  • Hymercar 540 Free Ducato - German giant shows us its latest funky Fiat-based camper
  • Cambee Classic Transporter - A cool VW T6 trimmed in Cambee's signature smooth birch ply


  • Destination of the month - Take a cheeky trip to Cornwall for out-of-season fun
  • Exploring Essex Part 2 - Mike Trippitt still reckons that the only way is Essex
  • Angus Glen - Cameron McNeish explains what a Reekie Linn actually is
  • Ireland adventures in space - Geneve Brand feels The Force on an Irish island
  • Festival fun - Triple festival frolicking with Hazel Hutchinson in Yorkshire
  • Scotland granite - Mike Trippitt heads north on the hunt for the perfect stone
  • Adults-only sites - Peaceful escapes far from the madding crowd
  • Cookery - Martin Dorey goes all French with his tasty crêpes
  • Alpine Lakes - Judy Armstrong reveals epic views and mountainous pedals


  • Load Rated Crafter - Paul Appleby's fully loaded custom Crafter racevan


  • Renault Trafic - The editor turns purple pedalling up a Welsh hill
  • VW T25 - Geneve avoids her campervan entirely


  • Accessories - The latest campervan kit gets a thorough going over