Campervan - Issue 12, 2018

Campervan - Issue 12, 2018 ...

On Sale: 01 Mar 2018

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Packed into Campervan Issue 12, 2018:


  • News - Funky new ‘vans to look forward to.
  • Leisuredrive Verano - Bolton’s finest produces a VW T6 with a twist.
  • Wellhouse Elysion - Want a petrol campervan that’s a great drive?  We may have it.
  • Hobby Vantana K60 FT – We take the 2018 Vantana up north.
  • Sunlight Cliff 540 – Peter Rosenthal extolls the virtues of the simple life.
  • You’re hired! Why buy when you can simply hire a van when you need one?


  • Destination of the month - Why the Isle of Wight is a campervanner’s delight.
  • Suffolk sunrise - Mike Trippitt enjoys a ramble along the Suffolk coast.
  • Kayaking in Mull - Judy Armstrong enjoy a paddle in Scotland’s prettiest island.
  • Ireland’s hidden gems - James Ruddy alternates from basic to luxury in a madcap trip.
  • Gothic Whitby - Hazel Hutchinson gets all Gothic in Dracula’s playground.
  • Highland triple - Geneve Brand completes her mountain trilogy with Ben Nevis.
  • Cornwall campsites - Bag a great campsite in the sunny south west.
  • Premier Parks - celebrate their 10th year.
  • Busfest - Dave Hurrell gets down with all the cool Dubbers.
  • Cookery - Martin Dorey gets busy with peas and franks.


  • The Reaper - Geneve Brand finds a campervan to wake the dead.


  • Renault Trafic custom build - The editor’s wagon is finally finished with dogs’ help!
  • VW T25 - Geneve Brand’s T25 makes it to Barmouth without blowing up.


  • Accessories - Weird and wonderful stuff you never knew you wanted.

And much, much more!