A Guide to Buying Your Perfect Park Home 2018

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A Guide to Buying Your Perfect Park Home is packed with all you need to know about creating your ideal lifestyle, it features 27 parks and 23 homes. Plus advice and help to guide you every step of the way.

  • How to pick your perfect home
  • The first Willerby residential homes
  • Four homes from the Lissett collection
  • Tingdene's visitor centre: for advice
  • Six homes from Prestige Homeseeker
  • Four of Stately-Albion's 23 homes
  • A cottage-style park home from Omar
  • A bespoke home from Oakgrove
  • Four homes from Cambrian Sovereign
  • The latest creation from Oakwood
  • Dorset distinctive style from Wessex
  • Advice on insurance and insulation


  • Killarney in Nottinghamshire
  • Cavendish on the Isle of Wight
  • J.J. Cooper in six counties
  • Five Furlongs in Kent
  • Warfield in Berkshire
  • Orton Grange in Cumbria
  • Long Ashes in Yorkshire
  • Otter Valley in Devon
  • Leedons in the Cotswolds
  • Laird Estates in Scotland, Shropshire and Cheshire
  • 26 Tingdene Parks
  • Tranquility Parks in Dorset and Devon
  • Charles Simpson: try before you buy
  • Lone Pine in Dorset

And much, much more!