Park & Holiday Home Inspiration - Issue 12 2020

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On Sale: 24 Sep 2020

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Packed into Issue 12 2020 of Park & Holiday Home Inspiration:

Park Home contents

  • Buying a park home is good for you! TV’s Dr Hilary Jones tells us how park home living can benefit your wellbeing
  • 10 new plots at a development that has its own lake - Willow Park, in Nottinghamshire, is creating plots in a new area of the park
  • Picking your perfect park - our guide to factors to consider as you choose the park that’s ideal for you
  • A park amid Cheshire’s finest countryside - two plots are available and more are to be created
  • City, coast and country – this park has it all! On the fringe of Plymouth, with valley, moorland and coastal scenery nearby
  • Editor’s Pick of park homes: Omar’s Newmarket - simplicity of style and affordability are the keynotes of this home
  • Editor’s Pick of residential parks: Middletown Heights - two plots are available on this park, close to the border of England and Wales
  • The fabulous five! Our top five regions to consider when buying a park home or holiday home
  • You’ll never be lonely living on a residential park! Why more and more single people are choosing park home living

Holiday Home contents

  • Holidays and weekends redefined - one area that is a perfect example of why to buy a holiday home
  • There’s never been a better time to buy! What your money can buy and what you need to know
  • Buying a pre-owned holiday home - our guide gives you all the facts – and we find some great examples
  • Editor’s Pick of holiday homes: Pathfinder Sunrise - this fabulous home has a split-level roof that is coated with plants!
  • Three parks with magnificent vistas - Club Holiday Homes’ three parks in the Lake District
  • A retreat amid woodland, close to beaches - tranquillity, nature – and lots of activity in the surrounding area
  • Editor’s Pick of holiday parks: Derwentwater - a park that sells the dream of holiday home ownership!
  • Owning a holiday home can make you healthier! Activity, family time and healthy home-cooked meals

And  much, much more!