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Holiday Home Review: Tingdene Quantum Holiday Home


Tingdene Homes offers a range of 12 holiday lodges, all stunning in their own ways – but one is more stunning than the others… That’s the Quantum.

Unveiled last summer, the Quantum was the undoubted star of the park and holiday home shows, towering above surrounding homes and grabbing the limelight.

The reason is that the Quantum has a roof terrace spanning the entire length and breadth of the lodge.

This fabulous terrace, designed for entertaining, is bordered by glass panels, so you feel that it’s totally open, yet there is shelter from the breeze. It incorporates a barbecue area and lots of space for sitting, chatting and enjoying the very best of a sophisticated holiday home lifestyle.

Tingdene Homes Quantum

Plus, there’s space for a hot tub. If you aspire to the ultimate in holiday lodge lifestyle, the Quantum is surely one to consider.

Tingdene calls the Quantum a revolution in luxury lodge living. This is a 52ft by 22ft lodge, with a bedroom at each end – one a double, one a twin.

Décor is nothing short of fantastic; an amalgam of cutting-edge designs including a kitchen wall clad in an amazing geometric wood veneer design in black and pale wood and, in the en suite to the guest bedroom, hexagonal-shaped tiles in dark blue, orange, black, yellow, grey and white.

The master bedroom suite’s design is awesome, with an island wall separating the bedroom from the free-standing bath, enormous, open shower, the toilet in its own separate room, a copper radiator (yes, really!) and a walk-in wardrobe with a row of LEDs set into the rail!

The colossal Quantum makes a statement of breathtaking style; it’s arguably the ultimate in holiday lodge elegance. Yet Tingdene’s portfolio of homes for leisure and homes for living also contains lots of options for buyers looking for much more modest alternatives.

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