Editor’s Pick: Residential Park Killarney Homes Willow Park

Willow Park, owned by Killarney Homes, is close to the village of Calverton in Nottinghamshire. Its convenient location is one reason for its popularity, within easy distance of the A1 and train lines. Calverton has a supermarket, leisure centre, golf course, newsagents, pubs and restaurants, plus necessities including a chemist and a doctors’ surgery. And the village is on a bus route to Nottingham.

Spaciousness is a keynote of Willow Park. All of the homes are 22ft wide. All have sizeable gardens and driveway parking for two cars. It’s an attractive estate on which trees and shrubs have been strategically planted. It’s the park’s lake, though, that is the star feature.

Every time we visit the park ducks quack to get our attention and, when we take a closer look, huge carp rise to the surface. The willow trees that gave rise to the name of the park dip their branches towards the water. And some of the homes have decking stretching out over the edge of the water. It’s a charming location.

Lots of features combine to make Willow Park a very special place and none more than its communal allotment system. Here, residents can grow vegetables and fruit. Raised beds have been constructed by the parks’ carpenters. There’s even space for a chicken run. There’s no rent, nothing formal – just a great opportunity that sets Willow Park apart from others.

Another special feature of Willow Park is that all of the water supplied to the homes is sourced from the park’s own natural spring, providing the most affordable water rates in the area.



Willow Park
Killarney Homes, Moor Lane,
Calverton, Nottinghamshire
NG14 6FZ
Tel: 0845 340 2861
Web: killarneyhomes.co.uk


Image Credit
Richard Chapman