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The benefits of buying a holiday home


Whatever your leisure-time goals and interests, owning a holiday home will enrich them. Birdwatching, cycling, golf, visiting historic places, architecture, gardens, beach activities, seeking out the culture of a region, the list is endless  – plus, of course, walking… That’s walking for fitness, adventurous hill walking or taking a gentle stroll – and then returning to your own home from home to kick back and relax.

Enjoying quality family time with a holiday home 

The holiday home lifestyle brings a new dimension to your life. You are much more likely to indulge in your favourite outdoor pursuits when you’re away from home. That’s because a holiday park environment puts you in a holiday frame of mind. It’s somewhere that separates the working week from weekends. So when you return to the weekday commuting, school and work routine, you are refreshed and ready to go.

A holiday home, essentially, is somewhere you can spend weekends and holidays in your own style, without needing to organise yourselves around hotel mealtimes, without considering your mode of dress – and without packing and unpacking.

Well, almost…You make it easy… Most holiday home owners keep a duplicate set of grooming necessities at their holiday home so there’s no need to pack those. You can leave clothes there, too – the clothes that are suitable for the activities you take up while at your holiday home, plus the walking boots. So no suitcases – just a small bag of stuff that’s packed in five minutes. That’s another advantage of having a home from home.

Weekends can be as action-filled or actionless as you want them to be. Rise early, breakfast early and get out for a busy day. Or laze around in your dressing gown drinking yet another coffee until late morning and eventually get around to doing something… Your leisure time in your style…

And it won’t be long before you’re finding new friends on the park; leave it to the kids – they’ll meet other kids on the park and you’ll then get to know their mums and dads.

A family enjoying a holiday home holiday

When family has flown the nest

Are you convinced, yet, that the holiday home lifestyle is worth considering? Does it resonate with your ideals and ambitions?

All of the factors mentioned so far relate to potential buyers who are in the family era. But what if your family has flown the nest and you’ve reached a time in your life when you have more flexibility? Then, the prospect of holiday home ownership takes on a whole new dimension.

You may consider spending more time at your holiday home than at your main residence. Just because you can. Nip home to get the mail, to mow the grass, maybe – and then return to your holiday home.

Whatever stage you are at in life, holiday home ownership opens the door to new opportunities, new interests or enhanced activity within your existing interests. The location and the type of park you choose will be led by the sort of opportunities you seek. It’s easy to find a park to suit your leisure lifestyle. In fact you’ll probably be spoiled for choice. 


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