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5 benefits of buying a holiday home (and other advice)


Let summer inspire you!

Buying a holiday home will make a massive difference to your lifestyle; here are some of the reasons why…

Words by Val Chapman

With the summer still in full swing and holiday parks at their best, this is the very best time of the year to be inspired to buy a holiday home.

  1. Family parks are buzzing with activity and fun; it’s easy to get on board with the brilliance of a holiday park environment for family conviviality.
  2. Children make friends instantly in a holiday park setting. Kids they met two minutes ago become their forever friends. All they need is the excuse of a play area – and if there isn’t one they’ll find a way of play.
  3. Quieter parks, more suited to holiday home buyers whose holiday home priorities might be more on the lines of simply relaxing and de-stressing after a hard week’s work, are also at their most appealing right now. And all parks are looking their floral, foliar best.
  4. One huge benefit of holiday home ownership is that your home from home is a perfect environment for quality family-and-friends time. Invite them! Barbecue with them! Walk and talk and relax.
  5. A holiday home puts you in a different mindset to when you’re at home. Forget the lawn that needs to be mowed. Forget the DiY jobs you keep putting off. Just get on with relaxing in your own style and creating memories of happy days. That’s what holiday home ownership is about.

When is the best time to buy a holiday home?

The message is this: if you’re thinking of buying a holiday home, the summer is the best time to visit some parks and get attuned with the wonderful leisure lifestyle that awaits owners of holiday homes and lodges no matter where in the country you go for.

Get started on the journey to buying a holiday home!

Aspire's Nordica at Plas Coch on Anglesey

Inspiration and enthusiasm brimming, you’re ready to get started on the journey to buying your perfect holiday retreat.

The first step? That’s about location.

You’ll reap more benefits of buying a holiday home if you can pick a park that’s less than two hours’ drive from your home. I call it Friday-night-after-work distance.

If you can be in your holiday home in time for dinner at 8, then the park you are considering will enable weekend stays to be easy. The more time you can spend there, the more benefit you’ll get from your investment in leisure.

You’re on an exciting journey of decision making and, as ever, this magazine is here to help you every step of the way.

More choice, more innovation when you buy a holiday home

Pathfinder's Floating Lodge, at a marina in Wiltshire

There’s never been a better time to focus your leisure time attention on buying your own holiday home. A holiday home purchase has become more attractive and more people are opting to buy. All in all, it’s booming.

This boom has led to the choice of holiday homes increasing, as manufacturers up their game in response to the rising market. And it’s lead to some amazing inventions.

A floating lodge from Pathfinder – a lodge which sit on its own pontoon in a marina, for example; the first ones are in Wiltshire. Amazing lodges with roof terraces are coming to Newperran Holiday Resort in Cornwall. And Welsh manufacturer Aspire Park and Leisure Homes has a magical lodge with a roof garden; it’s on the island of Anglesey, at Plas Coch Coastal and Country Retreat.

These examples are at the high end of the holiday home price spectrum – but you don’t have to sink loads of capital into your investment in leisure in order to get into this wonderful lifestyle.

There’s plenty of choice at all price ranges. That’s what’s so great about the prospect of holiday home ownership – there’s something for all budgets and all tastes.

Whatever you go for, owning a holiday home will make a massive difference to your lifestyle.

We’ve done some research for you – and come up with 10 things to consider when choosing your ideal holiday park, in the holiday section of this issue. Click here to read more!


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