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Why buy a park home - the benefits explained


Buying a new home as a complete package – with furniture, appliances and even bedcovers and cushions – is something you can only do by buying a park home.

Thinking of the fluffy stuff first may seem trivial when you sit down to analyse the whole scenario of a move to a park home. But, actually, it’s a major factor, and one which I am repeatedly told, by people who’ve made the move, is really important.

That’s not just about the niceties and the idea of walking into a home you’re considering buying, seeing it totally furnished. It’s about two areas of practicality.

Kitchen appliances in your new park home

One is that all of the kitchen appliances are under guarantee – that’s something you seldom achieve when you move house, because most people take some appliances with them.

Furniture and more

Another is about budget. Moving to a bricks-and-mortar house involves buying floorcoverings – laminate or carpets and probably tiles, too – plus furniture, and appliances of course, and a whole lot more according to the extent to which you want to change things. New interior doors? New door furniture? New windows? New curtain poles and curtains… the list is endless.
Then there’s the decorating to consider – and that’s a huge cost, unless you’re doing it yourself. And then it’s a huge chunk of your time. Getting a home as you want it can cost many thousands of pounds and many months. Then there are the big-ticket items, the bathrooms and kitchen. More thousands…

A one-stop shop…

When you buy a park home, all of that is already sorted. You pay one price for the entire home. There are lots of opportunities to personalise your new home; most manufacturers offer many options which enable you to tweak the basic design of a home to align it totally with your taste. Some have whole showrooms filled with options for you to consider.
Whether you go for any of the options, the one-stop-shop idea, of buying an entire home ready to walk into, has immense appeal. It’s far more of a new start than any other type of home purchase can be.

Even thinking back to the time when you bought your first-ever home, few of us managed to buy absolutely everything all at once. Most of us equipped and decorated one or two rooms at a time, both for financial and time reasons. Now, when you are at a different stage in life, the park home idea
of a total package hugely adds to the appeal of park home purchase.

… a new start!

Getting rid of furniture that you’ve lived around for decades, and turning your back on wallpaper and curtains that you once liked but now your taste has move on, is all extremely refreshing.

And making friends is easy

It plays a significant part in the appeal of the move from bricks-and-mortar to a lovely new home – on an estate where people are of similar age and stage, because of that, making friends is easy.

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