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Park home advice: five-point update plan


Here are our five top tips to keep your park home in tip-top condition

  1. The roof - It’s worth spending time inspecting your roof, if you can do it safely. If your roof looks weathered and is showing signs of ageing, it’s best to ask an expert to look at it. A common occurrence is moss, which needs clearing off the roof. Once you’ve done that, it’s a good idea to reseal the roof. You only need to do this every five years or so. Some companies use a coating to protect against the build-up of moss and to improve the roof’s insulation effectiveness.
  2. External walls - Your home’s exterior walls are the most noticeable aspect when people first see it. If the walls need some attention, you can paint them – maybe changing the colour at the same time. Or if the years and weather have take their toll, you can actually replace walls with new, more thermally efficient sections. And, it’s not just the look that improves when you refurbish a park home. With better insulation it’s possible for owners to save significant sums on their heating bills.
  3. Windows, double glazing and doors - Keeping your park home windows in good condition is important. Any weathered seals or gaps between your windows are potential points of water ingress on older homes. It’s just the same as for double glazing or doors in any type of home, of course. If you need to replace windows and doors, make sure you only use windows and doors specifically designed for park and holiday homes. They are different from those used on traditional houses.
  4. Underfloor insulation - Older park homes may not have underfloor insulation. It’s a good idea to consider installing underfloor insulation in your home, if it’s getting on in years. You can’t see underfloor insulation but you will certainly feel its effect. Make sure you get several quotes for external wall insulation, and don’t go for the cheapest option. You get what you pay for.
  5. Roof insulation - Also, think about whether you need better roof insulation. Having your roof and walls replaced, depending on the size of your park home, may cost around £15,000 or less to replace, according to Sarah Dicker, lead surveyor at Insulated Homes Ltd. She explained you could replace your roof, windows and walls for less than £20,000.

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