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Benefits of buying a holiday home - your own safe haven


It’s almost midsummer. Britain is at its floral, leafy best. Days at their longest and (mostly) pretty warm, too. Which is just as well. Because jetting off in search of adventure and hot weather elsewhere is still a long way from returning to general appeal. So, exploring our home nations and islands continues to have appeal far and away above anything anywhere abroad can offer.

As the vaccine roll-out reaches into the younger age sectors, confidence about a return to some sort of normality grows. Early in the coronavirus days, even before its devastation was really starting to take hold, there appeared an expression in our language: ‘the new normal’. What that means is now clearer than ever. Coronavirus won’t go away, and we have to adapt to life with it lurking, the unseen enemy ready to pounce, like a super-stealth tiger. The best way to make sure it won’t get you is by keeping away from other people.

Even though immunisation is rolling out well in Britain, that’s not the case everywhere in the world, keeping foreign holidays off the wish list for many people. Doom and gloom? Not a bit of it. Positives and possibles come to the fore, and top of the list is how we spend our leisure time – safely and confidently secluded from the corona tiger. By staying at home? We’ve all had enough of that. How about by getting a second home? Now that’s something to set you thinking.

Forget flights and anything that brings you into contact with others. What if you could get into the safe seclusion of your car and drive to a home from home? In an area either that you already love, or one that you want to explore? Anything from adventure to lazing about relaxing – whatever your style of leisure – can be yours if you buy a holiday home.

Images (L-R): The Forest Lodge interior and exterior (Images: Pathfinder)

When parks reopened on 12 April, they were ready to satisfy the surge in demand for holiday homes of all sorts, from basic static caravan-style units to super luxury lodges. Production was geared up and transport coordinated. Willerby is among manufacturers that have unveiled new models for 2021. Grabbing the glory right now is the Astoria, with bold, bright décor and a choice of two or three bedrooms. And Willerby is responding to the 2021 surge in demand by opening a third showroom, at Southport. This is in addition to Willerby’s showgrounds at Hull and in West Lothian in Scotland.

Pathfinder, too, is gearing up to give us new models. Interestingly, this manufacturer, based in Devon, is labelling 2021 the Year of the Retreat. Pathfinder says its theme of 2021 “celebrates the glory and colour that our country has to offer. A good ol’ fashioned staycation can be better than an exotic, long haul trip.” Pointing to research showing that the UK staycation market looks set to boom in 2021, two of Pathfinder’s new designs are inspired by UK locations ‘that represent the idyllic holidays’. One is to be called The Forest and the other the Holicombe, a name close to that of a secluded red-sand beach between Torquay and Paignton. And other manufacturers have plans to unveil new models as the year rolls on.

So, the staycation is here to stay, for some time to come; that’s great news for the beleaguered home economy and great news for holiday home manufacturers and parks.

Images (L-R): Willerby's Astoria (Image: Willerby), Willerby's Vogue Classique (Image: Willerby)

An interesting twist to the traditional choice between a holiday home that is 13ft or 14ft wide, or a full-fat lodge, 20ft or 22ft wide, has appeared over the last few months. The advent of the ‘single’ lodge means more choice of size, and a new category of lodge. These are luxury lodges but without the higher price tag of the wider type. Examples include the new Omar Arden 15ft wide, and in a choice of three lengths, 40ft, 42ft and 45ft.

Willerby, also in response to the demand for luxury in the single lodge sector, now produces several, 13ft or 14ft wide. The Dorchester, Sheraton, Waverley, Vogue Classique, Vogue Nouveau and the new Astoria are all in this category.

The choice among new holiday homes is vast; much less so, though, if you prefer to buy a pre-owned holiday home. Just like choosing a used car, you have to be prepared to snap up a used holiday home the moment you see it before it’s grabbed by another customer. You can be lucky, though; holiday homes come onto the market as people upgrade, or decide to buy on a different park.

So, whether you are planning to take your first step into holiday home ownership with a pre-owned home, or splash out on a large, luxury lodge, there are homes out there for a huge variety of budgets. And, with all restrictions set to lift, this summer is shaping up to be the best time ever to buy a holiday home.


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