What Motorhome - Summer 2021

What Motorhome - Summer 2021 ...

On Sale: 24 Jun 2021

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Packed into the Summer 2021 issue of What Motorhome:

News and views

  • We get our hands on the very latest Auto-Trail Tracker 7
  • Welcome to the new Ducato and a new Renault-based CMC HemBil


  • Auto-Trail Tracker RB -  The all-new British-built Tracker is tested

Layout guide

  • Intro - Why layouts are so important to get right
  • Side kitchen campervan - The most common campervan interior
  • Rear kitchen campervan - A more unusual camper layout
  • Transverse fixed bed -  Beds that lay across the motorhome
  • French bed - Double beds with a cut-off corner
  • Island bed-  The ultimate fixed bed layout
  • Fixed single bed - Motorhomes with twin beds
  • Front lounge - Where relaxing space is the focus
  • Rear lounge - A popular caravan layout in a motorhome
  • Twin lounge - Practicality from two relaxation zones
  • Bunk beds - A firm favourite with children


  • Insurance survey - Read this before renewing your premium
  • Editor’s choice - We pick the best ’vans on the used market
  • Finance -  Is a lifetime mortgage right for you?
  • Accessories -  The latest kit and gear for your new ’van
  • Rear view mirror -  A look back at 1986
  • Classified advertising - Buy and sell

And much, much more!