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Niesmann + Bischoff Clou Liner (2007) - motorhome review


Key Features

  • Model Year : 2007
  • Class : A-Class
  • Base Vehicle : MAN
  • Berths : 2
  • Maximum Weight (Kg) : 14000

The Verdict

For the ultimate in mobile luxury living, look no further. And if sir has to ask the price...


Niesmann + Bischoff View more details about the manufacturer of this vehicle over in our manufacturers section.


Niesmann + Bischoff Clou Liner 2007

  • The interior is incredible and can be fully tailored
  • You can fit a BMW Mini in the garage!
  • Has real stone flooring and granite worktops
  • The ultimate in qaulity motorhomes
  • 11.5m long and weighs 14 tonnes
  • It costs £570,000 plus options!


Model Year
Niesmann + Bischoff
Base Vehicle
Price from (£)
Length (m)
Main Layout
Height (m)
Engine Size
Payload (kg)
Belted Seats
Width (m)
Price from (€)
Maximum weight (kg)


OK, we don’t expect many readers are about to rush out and order a Clou Liner.

And even fewer are likely to be spending a whopping 800,000 euros on a Clou Liner of this size – and it has to be said, sheer unadulterated opulence.

After all Niesmann + Bischoff only build between three and five of these a year, which is not surprising when you hear that this example took over 6,000 man-hours to construct.

But one lucky French motorhome enthusiast had already paid the equivalent of well over half a million pounds for this vehicle – Clou Liners are never built for stock, only to sold order, and all to the exact specification of the buyer.

A spec that in this case stretched to an 11.5-metre body – the maximum is 12 metres (over 39ft) – and a 14-tonne MAN truck chassis powered by a 420bhp diesel engine.

Oh, and there was the small matter of a garage in the back for a new Mini Cooper – no mere Smart city car for going from campsite to Marks & Spencer for this Clou Liner owner! Just look at the Teutonic engineering in that lift-up rear garage door, too.

Inside, everything from the wood colour to the orange (yes, orange) leather in the lounge was specifically chosen when the Clou was ordered – and he even chose orange swirls on the outside to match the internal décor.

Climbing three steps to get in feels a bit like entering a castle – and this is certainly a palace on wheels.

The bathroom and kitchen flooring is real stone (3mm thick with 10mm aluminium beneath). The kitchen worktop is granite – you don’t have to worry so much about payload with a 14-tonne chassis!

And the bedroom has an island bed design that’s as spacious as being at home, while the kitchen includes such ‘essentials’ as a vacuum cleaner and dishwasher.

Whilst there are a few American RVs of this size and sophistication, the real surprise is that Niesmann are not alone in the German market in building such leviathans.

Volkner, Vario Mobil, Carthago and Concorde also compete in this mega league. If you win the lottery...

This review first appeared in the November 2007 issue of Which Motorcaravan. To subscribe to the magazine, click here.

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