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For over 30 years, Pilote has made its mark in the UK motorhome industry. During this time, many models and styles have been made available to ensure that British owners have been able to get exactly what they want from this top European motorhome manufacturer.
Until 2005 the UK had always had unique vehicles available from Pilote exclusively for the British market.

Models that were adapted to fit their needs, proving the importance of the British market to such a master brand. As with many manufacturers, market trends have changed, and Pilote has realised how the use of these products has shaped and moulded what floorplans it has available today.

The UK is as important to Pilote today as it has been in previous years. The result is the birth of something incredibly special - welcome to Evidence.

Evidence is a range of vehicles especially designed to suit the demands of the British motorhome owner. Research has provided the best floorplan specifications to suit the UK market.

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