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Power combined with your safety and security are the key elements built into the design of every Majestic motorhome. Couple this with highly sought after layouts and an industry leading specification, you can be assured of the best in quality, style and holiday performance.

There is a layout to suit all requirements in the Majestic Range. Choose from the multi award-winning Coachbuilts, the compact yet cavernous Compact Coachbuilts and the luxury Premium Coachbuilts.

Based on the multi award-winning Autoquest Range, the Majestic Coachbuilt models are renowned for their quality, value and driving performance.

Based on the compact yet cavernous Accordo Range, the Majestic Compact Coachbuilt models offer all the benefits of a coachbuilt motorhome, but unlike van conversion competitors, comes with bags of living space.

Based on the luxury Encore motorhome Range, the Majestic Premium Coachbuilt models offer striking, sophisticated style, unrivalled driving performance, class-leading craftsman-built quality and hi-tech innovation - all at a surprisingly affordable price.

Choose your Majestic and be assured of striking sophisticated style, unrivaled driving performance, class-leading craftsmanship as well as hi-tech innovation – all at one affordable price.

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