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“CCCampers started out officially in 2010; but were a sole Trading Company since 2007; when the accountant asked them if they were doing it (starting the business) for money or fame they answered:  “we're doing it to get people away on holiday” and that is still their focus today, ten years on.  

All CCCampers are built to meet Vosa and British approval standards (Safety Ventilation, LPG installation, payloads, habitation requirements relating to Health and Safety; but you can read more about this on their website…) When you purchase a CCCamper Motor Caravan, you know that you are in the safest of hands. 

CCCampers manufacture their own roofs, seating, beds and more, we love that they do because when a van is sent out, it has been made with love and they are in control of the quality of the end product. Renault give 3 years Warranty on the chasis, CCCampers give 2 year internal warranty and as long as you keep up with your servicing schedule with them, you have a LIFETIME of free labour and only pay for parts with any issues. 

All this aside, all of the CCCampers conversions are modern, affordable, comfortable and ergonomic. They currently have 7 conversions to choose from, depending on which van you are converting. 

CCCampers clever designs focus on what really works when in use, since day one, they have listened to customers and constantly improve upon their designs based on that feedback. They believe in Campers standing the test of time, rather than filling them with gimmicks and flashing lights. CCCampers are manufactured on site by their ‘technagicians’ and source as many British made components as they can. 

When cccampers was first created it was a lifestyle choice for Christian, customers kept coming and coming and coming until eventually he realised that it was not able to continue on his own. 

Now he has a wonderful team around him which also elevate cccampers as a business but also enables all their customers to have Personal contacts. They are a family run business and we think of CCCampers as a family in its own right. 

Most of CCCampers business is word of mouth and a lot of their sales are repeat business. 

Christian the CEO says “We understand that when you buy your first campervan you can only ever buy your first one once,  so if we can get that right we can always help you for the rest of your life.”

What CCCampers have done is created a range of vehicles starting with the NV200 which is the baby of the range; ideal if you want an everyday car come getaway van . They then do a mid-range:  the Renault Trafic which three different styles and three different plans for you to be able to find the one which works best for you. They have the Renault Master which is the largest one in the family which is basically a home on Wheels.”

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